Tips for living safely with the Pitbull

The American Pit Bull Terrier (commonly known as the Pitbull) is characterized by its solid physique, bravery, and strength.

It is said to be the strongest dog in the world, and although it is currently recognized as a dangerous breed mainly in Europe, it is also known as a cheerful breed with strong obedience. What should I do to live safely with such a pitbull? This time, we will introduce the safe way to play and precautions when playing, which is unique to Pitbull.

Tips for living safely with the Pitbull

Get to know the character of the Pitbull

Bloody Pitbulls such as the Staffordshire Terrier and Bulldog were created as fighting dogs in pursuit of strength and patience.

They have both a fighting spirit and strength, and they are so difficult to breed that it is said that only people who are familiar with dogs can keep them, and there are even countries where breeding is prohibited in Europe, the United States, and Europe.

However, while having a high ability as a fighting dog, it is also a feature of the pitbull that it has a loyal and affectionate personality to its owner. The Pitbull is a breed that can be the best partner as a domestic dog by firmly understanding its unique nature and by firmly disciplining and socializing from the puppy period.

Exercises and precautions required for pitbull

Originally, Pitbull worked as a working dog on the ranch.

It has the high athletic ability and requires a considerable amount of exercise every day. Be aware that lack of exercise can lead to stress.

For pit bulls, it is recommended to exercise for at least 1-2 hours in the morning and evening. Also, unlike other breeds, taking a pit bull to an unspecified number of dogs, such as a dog run, can be dangerous and should be avoided. If you want to exercise the pitbull, you need to take some measures such as chartering a dog run. Alternatively, it is necessary to give due consideration to those around you, such as wearing a muzzle.

Tips for living safely with the Pitbull

Recommended walking course for pitbull

The Pitbull is a breed of dog with a strong fighting instinct. Even daily walks can cause trouble with the dogs you meet, so you should choose your walk course carefully.

Also, although it is an obedient and loyal dog breed, it may take aggressive actions to protect the family, so walking alone is not recommended. To enjoy a walk with the pitbull, it is essential to choose a course rich in nature and to train a solid lead walk.

A competition that you want to challenge with Pitbull

Pitbull, which has a good sense of smell, is suitable for competitions that require a sense of smell and competitions such as obedience.

Nosework is attracting attention as a sport that uses the sense of smell. Nosework is a competition to find out where the smelling target is hidden. Nosework is a highly satisfying competition in which stress can be released by using the dog’s instinct, the sense of smell.

Pitbull, who has a high desire for exercise, tends to accumulate stress due to lack of exercise, so it is a good idea to release stress by performing activities such as nose work that allow you to demonstrate your strengths.

Tips for living safely with the Pitbull

What kind of toys do you like for the Pitbull?

Pitbulls vary widely from individual to individual and do not have the same characteristics as other breeds.

Recently, it seems that the number of pit bulls with mild nature is increasing, but some aspects can not be said to like ball play and pulling like other dog breeds. Since it is a breed of dog that has been strengthened to chew, it is preferable to give it a toy that does not stimulate instinct as much as possible.

Safe way to play with the Pitbull

As mentioned above, there are individual differences in Pitbulls, so what kind of play you like depends on the person.

However, since the pitbull is energetic, it is recommended to dissipate the energy by playing with a ball or swimming. The pitbull is obedient and gentle to the family, but there is a possibility that the struggle instinct will be switched on for some reason. Therefore, we recommend that you do not play with the Pitbull with only small children or women, but always have a male owner as a leader.

Tips for living safely with the Pitbull

Pitbull is recommended to play to release stress

The patient and affectionate Pitbull is an energetic breed of dog. As a result, simple walks and play are often unsatisfactory. It is the same for all breeds to cause problem behavior by accumulating stress, but in the case of pitbull, it is often a serious problem.

To live safely with the Pitbull, it is most important to first understand the behavioral characteristics of the dog and then prepare the living environment.