The time and symptoms of estrus in dogs?

The time and symptoms of estrus in dogs? What should be paid attention to in nursing?

Dog estrus time

Dogs come in heat once a year in spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). However, due to the long-term living with humans, superior material conditions have affected this seasonality, showing the phenomenon of perennial estrus, but spring and autumn are still more concentrated times for dogs to estrus.

Estrus symptoms in dogs

You should pay attention. If your dog’s body and behavior have many obvious changes, which show: increased excitability, increased activity, irritability, coarse barking, and bright eyes, then your dog will have to grow longer. Older, these are all signs of the little bitch’s estrus. If the puppy’s ass oozes red mucus with blood, then you can be sure that your puppy is in heat.

Precautions for dog care during estrus

The estrus of female dogs: The estrus period is 6 months as a cycle. The initial estrus period is 6-10 months after birth, but once the estrus period is over, male dogs are not allowed to mate with them, and they are not suitable for mating until the next estrus period, which is a 6-month cycle. Estrus in male dogs: stimulated by the smell of female dogs in estrus. Male dogs do not have a special estrus period. They can mate at any time if they are sexually mature 6 to 8 months after birth. Once stimulated by the female dog’s estrus smell, she wants to mate with her.

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