The key points of adult dog toilet training

To be honest, compared with puppies, fixed-point training for adult dogs is more difficult. Nevertheless, as long as you train patiently, adult dogs can also be trained, that is, more time and energy:

The principles of indoor urinary and defecation training for adult dogs

1. First allow adult dogs to make mistakes

First of all, if an adult dog has just entered the house, sometimes because of no good habits, it will make a mess of your room and urinate and urinate all over the place. At this time, you should not punish him. Because of an accident, punishing the dog can only make it nervous, and beware of any of your actions at any time.

2. Pay attention to the defecation signal of adult dogs

When a dog suddenly bows his head, sniffs with his nose, and is nervous, it is often a sign of a bowel movement. The owner should know the approximate time for the adult dog to defecate through several days of observation. Once the dog wakes up like a dog, or after eating food and playing, the defecation signal is given, and the dog owner will take it to a place that has been chosen to relax it to defecate.

Also, remember to clean it up after you come back. Avoid staying in the cage for a long time, as this will make it easy for the dog to defecate indoors.

3. Be rewarded

When an adult dog has a successful bowel movement, the dog mainly issues the “awesome” command and then rewards it. In this way, let the dog know that the defecation is in the designated place, there will be a delicious reward, and the dog will pay attention next time.

4. What should I do if the adult dog keeps holding back and does not excrete?

In addition, some adult dogs are used to urinating and defecate outdoors while walking the dog. If the adult dog has developed this habit once, and at the same time is older, it will be difficult for you to make it at home, so generally don’t correct it.

But sometimes the weather is so bad that it is impossible to go out, but the adult dog keeps holding back. What can I do? We can stimulate dogs to excrete indoors through exercise.

If the dog has been lying on its stomach, it can hold back for a long time, so if the dog doesn’t urinate in a day, you can find a toy it likes, run with it at home, chase it back and forth, and let it move.

Then take it to a place indoors where it can pee-such as a toilet or a terrace, and keep it alone. If it comes out, ignore it. Hold on for a while, usually because of holding back for a day and exercising, the big dog already has some urination, and then put it in a place where no one is watching, it will pee.


1. When the adult dog is finished urinating and you are ready to let it out, you must praise it. You are very happy to make an adult dog feel that it has done so so that it will be more accepting of this approach next time.

2. If the dog to be trained is an adult dog that has not been trained at home before, the training should be treated as a new puppy.