The best dog names for men and women in 2021

Nowadays, more and more people keep pets, especially dogs, because they are docile, cute, and human, they are easy to get close to their owners, and they are very comfortable with the warmth in their arms, so if you plan to also To raise a pet, it is very important to choose a name for your pet. Next, let’s follow the editor to see the complete list of good dog names.

The best dog names for men and women in 2021

Dog names with good meaning

Dogs are human “good friends”, and they are also very psychic and human. So there are ways to name a puppy. Here are some tips and methods for naming dogs.

1. The method of naming the western-style owner

Generally speaking, the western style is based on the international style, so these owners must also like to use some fashionable and English names. For example, girls’ dogs can be called Annie, Lucy, Emily, and lucky. Boys’ dogs can be called: Jack, Nick, and Kay. Once these names sound, you can also know the usual preferences of the dog’s owner.

2. The naming method of the cute food owner

Everyone who owns a dog knows that whenever he eats, he will watch you by the side, and he will definitely feed you a few bites. However, it seems to be popular recently to name some foods, and such names are also relatively close. , Especially suitable for dogs that love to eat, such as pudding, buns, milkshakes, instant noodles, dumplings, hearing these names arouses appetite, and there is no doubt that the owner is definitely a foodie.

3. The method of naming the owner of the Appearance Association

Young people nowadays look mainly at appearances whether they look at people or certain objects. In fact, the same is true for pets. Long, good-looking dogs are generally more likable, and they can’t help but tease them. If you hear the name Xiao Hei, Hua Hua, and Beautiful on the street, you can associate the appearance of this puppy, and it can also prove that it is not ugly.

4. The method of naming the owner of the second goods

When naming a dog, some people will definitely check it on the Internet, but they will find some particularly funny names, such as fool, madman, Erhei, etc., which will make people think that an owner is a second person. , But the owner of this witty humor is also likable.

Tips for naming dogs

1. Use cartoon characters to name: The viewers of cartoons are usually children, so the names of the characters in them are basically cute, and pets give people the same feeling. The names of some cartoon characters are It’s very pleasing. For example, “Will the Wang Wang Team Make a Great Contribution” is not only the children’s favorite cartoon, but the story is also about dogs.

2. Name the dog according to the dog’s personality: Don’t look at the same breed of dog, but their personality is very different. Dang hot also has a lot to do with the owner’s personality. For example, some dogs are particularly docile, so they don’t want their names Taking a particularly domineering name, is not in line with reality, and the dog’s psychology must be on the verge of “crashing”.

3. Use personalized words to name: Some items will attract a lot of people’s attention if they are creative and novel. In fact, our dog names can also bring some personality, such as Abu, Dandan, etc., as long as It’s not weird to read, and you think it’s good. Of course, you should also pay attention to whether it is catchy.

Dog names with good meanings

Nowadays, when many people feel that they are out of luck, they will use the name of a certain thing to change the current situation. If you have a cute pet in your family, you might as well follow the editor to see a complete list of good dog names!

1. U.S. dollars

This name sounds like it will surely cause everyone to laugh. Although it is very common and not particular, it has a good meaning. It represents money and wealth. I hope that the wealth of the family can be smooth. The witty and humorous method is used to name it. very good.

2. Laifu

The word “Fu” stands for blessing. In ancient times, people with bad luck would bless and bless them. The name used in the name of a dog can add a lot of blessing to the owner, and it is also more festive.

3. Marshal

When most people hear this name, many people will think that the owner must be a narcissistic ghost, and hope that the dog can grow particularly handsome so that everyone will love it, the flowers will bloom, and it sounds atmospheric, generally Used for naming male dogs.

More Meaningful Dog Names

01. Roll Cocoa Baby Ali Lolo

02, Coke Ruo Ruo Strong Barlow Nana

03、Cookie Bell Dog Egg Haha Xinxin

04. Dudu Paypal, Maya Ball

05、Bubble Fleshy Duoduo Simon Anna

06. Eggs, preserved eggs, maple and maple, Miya, cocoa

07, Luca Sese Dalai Simba Nana

08、Habi Kiki Feifei Leo Ruoruo

09、Huahua, Bobo, little boy, Noya, Niuniu

10. Dogs, lunatic, Nana, steamed buns, Lala

11.William, Jump, Can, Bean, Miffy

12. Buck, Bug, Yahoo, Ding Ding, Lulu

13, Charlie Dingdong Duke Xiaobai Diudiu

14. Harry Bang Bang, Prince, Big Boobs

15. Harry, Little Wolf, Lele, Pearl, Little Point

16, stinky, dragon, flower, PayPal, stupid

17. Little, Didi, Huquan, Susu, obediently

18. Momo, edamame, garbanzo, meaty, dumb

19. Xiaoxue, Mickey, pepper, milk tea, flutter

20. Lolo, Dika, Ding Ding, Pippi, Princess

21, Doudou, making trouble, Dangdang, Duke Xiaobing

22. Maomao Carl Amy Laifle

23. Chubby, flaming, Doudou, angel, agent

24. Abao, Nana, Abelala, Robber

25. Yoyo Xiangxiang Ice Cream Angie Edamame

26. Little Q, Dolphin, Elf, Coffee, Egg

The best dog names

What kind of dog name is better? Is it simple and nice? Or is it full of allegorical sounds?


The pronunciation of the name “Aimi” is more pleasing to the ear. The two words belong to a flat combination. They are both loud and gentle. They can show their personality when used in female dogs. Besides. “Aimi” is an extension of the English word “may”, which not only shows the owner’s love for dogs but also highlights the creativity and personality of the name.

【Zhen Zhen】

The word “Zhen Zhen” comes from “The Book of Songs·Zhou Nan·Tao Yao”: “Tao Zhiyao Yao, it’s Ye Zhenzhen.” The word “Zhen” is the first sound, and it sounds very soft and pleasant to read. Especially when the two characters are combined to form a duplicated name, it gives people a very comfortable feeling, which is sweet and shows the cuteness and gentleness of dogs and is suitable for female dogs to name them.


The name “Sirius” sounds louder and domineering at first. It can be used as the name of male dogs to show their domineering sense. Because it is in line with their personality characteristics, it sounds better. A wolf and a dog are very similar animals, so it is more appropriate to give a dog the name of a wolf.

【Red Fox】

“Red Fox” is a more harmonious combination of tones, which makes it easy to read. The “red fox” is a carnivorous canine. It has a well-developed sense of hearing and smell and is quick to move. It does not want to fit in with dogs. Used as a dog name, it also highlights the dog’s personality characteristics, and the “red fox” is a prominent domineering connotation characteristic, giving people a resounding and atmospheric impression characteristics.

The best dog name naming techniques

1. The duplicated name is nice

When humans give children their nicknames, they generally like to use repetitive names, because when two identical tones are put together, it gives people a gentle and lovely feeling, soft and pleasant to hear. Therefore, it is also very good to give the dog the best name, and the duplicated name is also very good, and it can show the cuteness of the dog. Tiantian, Xinxin, and Hanhan are all nice names.

2. Pursue the fit of character and name

It is a good way to choose a name based on the dog’s personality, and the name will be more personal. Different breeds of dogs, even any two dogs, have different personalities, some are gentle, some are quiet and silent. If the name given to the dog fits the character they show, it will give people a feeling of “true to the name”, which will naturally make people feel that the name is good, and it will make the name sound better.

3. Directly choose a name with a bright and pleasant sound

To make the name of a dog the best, a very straightforward way is to choose some words that sound melodious. As for the external form of the name, you can pick it according to your own preferences. It’s okay to have a cute duplicated name, a more personalized name, and a name similar to a person’s name.

A collection of the best dog names

  • Chili, Stone, Agui, Moyan
  • Lara, Big Wolf, Charlie, White Tiger
  • Crystal, Elf, Flesh, Caesar
  • Dingding, French fries, Dayang, Hart
  • Kaki, Jiabao, Zai Zai, Celestial
  • Knight, dandan, fortune, William
  • Lion King, Devil, Scorpio, Knight
  • Binbin, Dameng, Xiaobei, Zaizai
  • Reka, Bandit, Fengshen, Baylor
  • Flying insects, Amish, Hong Weiwu, Hangyuke
  • Decabu, Snow King, Haerba, Jiajia King
  • Little Great Wall, Black Gunner, Little Nezha, Seven Apples
  • Sword Abao, Baoluo Tiger, King Sword, Big Leopard
  • Rubick, Viscount, Yi Ziyi, Vallotton

Cute dog names

Everyone will face various situations in life and work, and the whole person is also very stressed. At this time, you need a pet to ease your mood. A female dog is a good choice. Female dogs are gentle, docile, simple and honest, and more intimate than male dogs, so we have to give it a suitable and good name, and let the editor take a look at the complete list of female dog names that are cute.

  • Feifei, Mian, White, Burger, Toffee
  • Beibei Chopper Yoyo Mop Crisp
  • OK, oops, always good
  • Banana Snowflake Allison Miao Miu Niuni
  • Golden Bean Meimei Cow Pudding Baby
  • Hanhan Huanhuan Mooncake Xueni Pearl
  • Baby orange Hanamaki Angie don’t order
  • Dolphin Daiyu Golden Ring Egg Egg Flower
  • Nana, Mimi, Nini, Jiajia, naughty
  • Bounce, Xiaoyun, Ice Cream, Yaya, Banana, Banana
  • Cheese Meatballs Fruits Lulu Marshmallows
  • Tutu Yangyang Yuanyuan Orange Apricot Meat

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