Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

Many people say that raising a dog is like raising a child, and that description is actually very appropriate. But when they are still very young, they rely on the owner like a baby, but when it grows up and understands the wonderful world, they will have their own thoughts, and sometimes they don’t want to listen. The instruction of the master. If the owner wants the dog to be as smart as before, he must actually train the dog. Here are ten tips to make the owners smarter and smarter.

Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

1. Use rewards to reply to dogs

A reward is actually a more reasonable way than punishment. Dogs will have a higher driving force and higher energy to do this. Being forced to do and being motivated to do these two situations, ordinary people and dogs will choose to be motivated by others.

2. Squat

People’s limbs are too tall for dogs. If you squat down at this time, you can make the owner and the dog similarly tall, which can reduce the work pressure caused by people’s body shape. Naturally, this is also more convenient for the owner to pull the dog’s collar and solve the sudden situation.

Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

3. No penalty

Dogs are actually not defined by causality. If you punished a dog for stealing western food, then the dog will remember that you robbed it of steak and beat it. This can’t dissuade its personal behavior at all, on the contrary, it destroys the connection between you and the dog.

4. Respond cheerfully

The dog’s mentality will be endangered by the owner. If the owner can take an optimistic attitude to deal with the dog’s training, then the dog will become more and more proactive.

Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

5. Don’t give orders repeatedly

In the case of the dog did not give a reply, do not repeat the underground instructions repeatedly. Otherwise, some under-smart dogs will regard repeated instructions as appropriate and do not repeat them or do them.

6. No need to pursue

If you can’t find a dog, don’t run after it. This will cause the dog to have an urge to play and then run away. The best way is to pull the dog’s leash to let it know that it’s time to run home.

Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

7. Distinguish names and instructions

Some owners confuse the dog’s name with the instruction to go home. What everyone should do is to change the dog’s name into an instruction to “pay attention to me” instead of going home.

8. Try to teach dogs with dogs

If there is another dog in the family that has been accepted for training, this obedient dog can participate in the training. In some cases, the elderly dog will use his own work experience to educate the one who is still accepting Trained dogs and puppies will also imitate the personal behavior of adult dogs.

Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

9. Finally use strokes instead of rewards

In the last step of each super skill training, all the ingredients rewarded to the dog should be replaced by strokes or verbal expressions. This is not only because the snacks are expensive, but also can better prevent the dog from having no snack There is no problem with hands-on ability.

10. Be careful

No one can ensure that a dog can learn a new professional skill at a time. During the whole training process, everyone must patiently improve the training several times before finally letting the dog learn a new professional skill.

Ten tips for training dogs to make them more obedient

Naturally, the owner can hire a dog trainer to correct some misconceptions that occurred during training. If there is no such standard, we can invite people to supervise ourselves and see if we have made some mistakes that we have not noticed. After all, whether a dog is good or not, most of it depends on whether the owner can train.

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