Quick Answer: Who Makes Apollo Bikes

The company that make Apollo dirt bikes is called Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co LTD A Chinese company founded in 2003 and located in the province of Zhejiang, China They design, manufacture and sell motorbikes into 69 countries around the world

Is Apollo a good bike brand?

As one of the UK’s oldest bicycle brands, Apollo Bikes have been producing simple, high quality bikes for every day cyclists for nearly 90 years Tried, tested and sold here in the UK, Apollo Bikes offer great quality on two wheels

Is Apollo Halfords own brand?

UK chain store Halfords have released a new range of own-brand Apollo bikes with improved specs, tweaked frame geometries and women’s-specific models Aimed at offering recreational cyclists value for money, the Apollo brand accounts for one in three bikes sold in the UK

Why are Apollo Bikes bad?

The aluminium frame was actually pretty good, quite lightweight and had really tough paint, the worst parts were the “suspension” forks and the super heavy solid steel cranks & bb, basically everything apart from the frame and rims was made of steel and it weighed around 40lbs which for a kid’s bike is not much fun

Are Ridgeback bikes any good?

Yep – Ridgebacks are excellent value and good quality – and appear durable I sell them in the shop – one of the big benefits to a cycle shop is that Madison stocks them and you get next day delivery so not having to have too much bought in stock on the shop floor

What is the best Chinese dirt bike brand?

What is the best Chinese dirt bike brand? The Apollo is the best Chinese dirt bike brand, both the Apollo DB-X18 and the Apollo Youth are excellent machines The brand maintains its style of making bikes with high power and braking which is perfect for me

Who is Halfords owned by?

As of 2018, there are 314 autocentres in the United KingdomHalfords Autocentre Type Private Operating income £75m (2009) Number of employees 1500 Parent Halfords (since 2010) Website wwwhalfordsautocentrescom

What’s the best bike size for me?

So, let’s see how to choose the right bike size for every bicycle type#1 – Simple Size Chart Your Height Bike Frame Size 4-11″ – 5’3″ 13 – 15 inches 5’3″ – 5’7″ 15 – 16 inches 5’7″ – 5’11” 16 – 17 inches 5’11” – 6’2″ 17-19 inches

Are Apollo bikes Australian made?

Every bicycle that leaves Apollo headquarters in Australia has been meticulously inspected for quality and craftsmanship For value and performance focused bikes crafted from quality materials, Apollo bikes are the perfect choice

What is Apollo dirt bike?

Apollo is a company know for pushing the limits on design and performance on pit bikes and dirt bikes Since 2005 they have produced a great, inexpensive alternative to the high priced, brand name bikes They have a unique style all there own and provide a lot of bang for the buck

Is Apollo a Chinese brand?

The company that make Apollo dirt bikes is called Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co LTD A Chinese company founded in 2003 and located in the province of Zhejiang, China They design, manufacture and sell motorbikes into 69 countries around the world

Is Carrera owned by Halfords?

Carrera bikes are sold exclusively by Halfords and sit between the budget Apollo range, and the premium Boardman and Voodoo bikes The Carrera range’s emphasis is on value, with good specs and no bike priced above £600

What is the best Apollo dirt bike?

Best Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews Apollo DB-x18 Dirt Bike- Apollo 125cc DB x18 Dirt Bike Reviews Apollo AGB-36 250cc Dirt Bike- Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review DB25 – Best Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike Reviews AGB 37 – Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Review DB34 – Best Apollo 110cc Dirt Bike Reviews

Is cross a good bike brand?

This bike is one of the most affordable out there if you only want something simple as an introduction to mountain biking There are drawbacks in the weight, suspension and some of the features The Cross mountain bike is still responsive, attractive and a good choice for complete novices

Why are pit bikes so cheap?

Pit bikes are so cheap because they are not designed to be competitive or function at the level of a normal dirt bike Generally, they are manufactured pretty cheaply and are focused on being more of a toy than a vehicle

Are pedal bikes made in Australia?

Pedal Bikes is an unashamedly self-conscious bike brand from Brisbane, Australia Pedal Bikes are built and designed to look the part; do the job; and still come in at the best price

Are bikes from Halfords any good?

We were blown away with the spec sheet and even more impressed by the impeccable handling on offer Put simply, it’s a really great bike at a fantastic price Another top-rated bike from the Halfords shop floor is the Incline Alpha from in-house brand 13 Bikes

Is Apollo a good dirt bike?

the Apollo db-007 is a pretty good bike factory tubes seem to always break off at the valve and loose air but this is a easy fix all of these apollo bikes have this problem but for the money they are still worth it they are so easy to repair I have 8 different models and once the tube is changed they are a pretty solid

Are Apollo ATVS made in China?

All the Apollo ATV Parts Made In China on sale are carefully selected from manufactures and they are durable in use, high quality & great price, save up to 50% off Please feel free to contact us with email:, tell us what you want, we will do our best to satisfy you

Where are Apollo bikes made?

We’re using all of our Australian marketing material overseas” In P&A news, Apollo used their shows to relaunch their Adura helmet range These were previously made in New Zealand, but due to the closure of that factory, there are new models now launched that are being made in China

Is Saracen a good bike brand?

Saracen are renowned as one of Britain’s best known bike brands, having produced bikes since the 1980s, they started out in mountain biking and now produce a range of top quality MTBs, road bikes, hybrids and stylish men’s and women’s commuters

Is Apollo a good kids bike?

The Apollo was arguably the most argued-over bike among our testers, and they all found it easy to ride, even if the weight meant a couple of the smaller ones struggled noticeably to pedal it up even a shallow incline

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