Question: What Does Riding The Crimson Tide Mean

What does riding the crimson wave mean?

In the early 90’s cult teen-film Clueless, Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher famously tells her high school teacher that she is “surfing the crimson wave” Translation: to be on one’s period

What does crimson tide mean?

Who is created the nickname ‘Crimson Tide’? After watching Alabama and rival Auburn play to a 6-6 tie in Birmingham in November 1907, Roberts reportedly described the game as a “crimson tide” after Auburn was expected to win but Alabama played its rival to a draw in muddy conditions

Does Crimson Tide mean period?

(euphemistic) Menstruation

What does it mean when you say Roll Tide?

Fans sometimes say “roll tide” or use the social media hashtag “#RollTide” to refer to carrying on, as a greeting to other fans, or as a means of showing excitement over something, be it related to ‘Bama athletics or to their own life

What does being on the rag mean?

The phrase “on the rag” is a slang term for menstruation 1 This phrase likely originated sometime during the late 19th century When a woman was menstruating, she was “on the rag” or “riding the rag,” phrases that literally described the way most women up until then managed their menstruation

What does Shark Week mean for a girl?

Discovery’s Shark Week debuted in 1988 Shark week as a slang for a women’s period first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2005 While the Urban Dictionary entry might have had misogynistic undertones, the term has since been embraced by many women who use it humorously or colloquially

Is Crimson Tide a true story?

The story parallels a real incident during the Cuban Missile Crisis Hans Zimmer, who scored the film, won a Grammy Award for the main theme, which heavily uses synthesizers instead of traditional orchestral instruments

Why does Crimson Tide have an elephant?

The story of how Alabama became associated with the “elephant” goes back to the 1930 season when Coach Wallace Wade had assembled a great football team Strupper and other writers continued to refer to the Alabama linemen as “Red Elephants,” the color referring to the crimson jerseys

What is Alabama known for?

The state is known for its iron and steel natural resources, Southern hospitality, sweet tea, and football—especially the fierce rivalry between the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide

Is Crimson Tide and Red Tide the same thing?

A tide of red washes over a lake, dyeing the water a crimson color While some people may be more familiar with the crimson tide you see at an Alabama football game, this scenario, dubbed the “red tide,” can occur far outside of the Yellowhammer State

Where did the phrase Crimson Tide come from?

Hugh Roberts, former sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald, is credited with coining the phrase “Crimson Tide” in an article describing the 1907 Iron Bowl played in Birmingham with Auburn a heavy favorite to win The game was played in a sea of red mud which stained the Alabama white jerseys crimson

What does RMFT stand for on twitter?

Urban Dictionary on Twitter: “@Deja_Spears RMFT: RMFT stands for Roll Mutha’ Fuckin’ Tide http://tco/sgDT3lYlT6″Mar 2, 2013

What was Alabama called before Crimson Tide?

Early newspaper accounts of Alabama football simply listed the team as the “varsity” or the “Crimson White”, after the school colors Headline writers then made popular the nickname “The Thin Red Line” It was not until 1907 that the name “Crimson Tide” was used to describe Alabama

Why do they call a period a period?

“Period” is rooted in the Greek words “peri” and “hodos” (periodos) meaning “around” and “way/path” This eventually turned into the Latin “periodus” meaning “recurring cycle” Use of the English term “period” to describe menstruation began in the early 1800s (1)

Why is a woman’s period called a rag?

A controversial term for menstruation, the phrase is thought to have originated in the late 19th century Before the invention of modern pads and tampons, there were various techniques women used to manage menstruation After each use, the women would wash the “rags” and continue the cycle in 28 days

What’s Aunt Flo?

Aunt Flo is a popular euphemism referring to the menstrual cycle

Who invented Shark Week?

Shark Week is an annual, week-long TV programming block created by Tom Golden at the Discovery Channel, which features shark-based programming Shark Week originally premiered on July 17, 1988

What is period in slang?

Periodt comes from period, used as an interjection to show a statement is final, that there is nothing else to be said or debated For example: Cheating is wrong, period Often, what period is emphasizing is positive: This the best meal I have ever had Period Full stop

Can you smoke on a submarine?

The Navy announced today a ban on smoking aboard submarines while they are deployed below the surface after medical testing showed non-smokers suffered effects of second-hand smoke Mark Jones of the Commander Naval Submarine Forces out of Norfolk, Va, said about 40 percent of the submarine sailors are smokers

Why is Crimson Tide rated R?

SEX/NUDITY 1 – A couple of obscene sexual references; a couple of barechested men; a kiss between a man and his wife VIOLENCE/GORE 5 – A fire in the galley results in explosions and people being bandied about

What does 1 sq mean submarine?

What does “condition 1SQ” mean? Several liberties were taken with the term for cinema’s sake but it’s short for “1 status quo” which means the submarine is ready to launch it’s missiles In Navy jargon, 4SQ means the lowest level of alertness for missile launch, essentially, a submarine is back at it’s base

What are Alabama colors?

Alabama Crimson Tide football/Colors

What is University of Alabama called?

The University of Alabama is often referred to as “The Capstone” by alumni and friends of the university “The Capstone” is a nickname for The University of Alabama coined by former UA President G H Denny when he referred to the University as the “capstone of the public school system of the state” in 1913

Who wears the Big Al costume?

Alabama director of spirit programs, Jennifer Thrasher told Alcom that once Alabama was comfortably in position to win, she gave the OK for Big Al to make his appearance in his popcorn costume that is usually used at Alabama basketball games

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