Question: How To Check Your Chest Cycle

How does the chest cycle work in Clash Royale?

In Clash Royale, chest drops is not random.The system follows a 240 Chest Cycle pattern which starts at 0 and ends at 239 During 240 cycle, you are guaranteed to get 4 Giant chests, 4 Magical chests, 52 Gold chests and 180 Silver chests After reaching your 239th chest, the cycle resets back to 0.

How do you check your win percentage on Clash Royale?

Be sure to use just the Wins number in your calculation. Step 1: Find total trophies won Multiply your wins by 30, resulting in all the trophies you’ve won over your career. Step 2: Find Trophies lost. Step 3: Find Losses. Step 4: Find games played. Step 5: Find win rate.

How rare is a mega lightning chest?

The Mega Lightning Chests are one of the 3 rarest chests won through battles, tied with Epic and Legendary Chests It was unlockable in Quests Mega Lightning Chests are not part of the regular chest cycle (see Chest Cycle).

How rare is it to get a legendary from a silver chest?

Legendary Card Drop Rate Type of Chest Legendary Factor Legendary Droprate Silver 10000 006% Gold 5700 033% Giant 10000 148% Magical 600 926%.

What does the Pekka stand for?

As for the name’s meaning in Clash of Clans, PEKKA stands for Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins.

How does the chest cycle work?

Basically there is a chest drop order (or chest cycle) in game Every Chest that you get after the battle is based on this order When this cycle goes through, it will restart again By digging the game files, Asdamp has found the Clash Royale chest order list.

What’s the best legendary in Clash Royale?

Best Clash Royale Legendary Cards Ranking: Mega Knight Sparky Inferno Dragon Lumberjack Princess Ram Rider Fisherman Royal Ghost.

What is the best chest to get in Clash Royale?

#1- Super Magical Chest Probably without surprise, the super magical chest is going to be the best chest in Clash Royale Giving you an unprecedented 792 cards; this more than doubles any other chest Also, the odds of a legendary card are basically 100%, since these give out a legendary 4 out of 5 times.

Who is number one in the world in Clash Royale?

But not so when it comes to Clash Royale, and the top player in the world, Chief Pat Supercell’s new battling game based on the Clash of Clans universe has rocketed to the top of the iOS and Android app charts the past few months, and Chief Pat sits atop the world as its king.

Who has the most wins Clash Royale?

BIG Schwarzen SALSEO Player 12-win Count 1 BIG Schwarzen SALSEO WC #2 688 1,675,984 2 B-rad Maple Miners 580 1,006,931 3 Wings Melon Boys 545 1,123,612 4 Kodigoⓒʀ No Clan 484 950,055.

How do you get legendary cards in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale: Top ways to get free legendary cards #1 Getting more trophies #2 Joining an active clan #3 Keep battling #4 Competing in challenges #5 Complete your quests in Clash Royale #6 Open silver, crown, gold, giant, magical, and clan chests.

Can you get Legendaries from giant chests?

Each chest has its own Legendary Factor. The lower the Legendary Factor, the higher the chance of obtaining a Legendary card from a chest Silver Chests and Giant Chests have the worst Legendary Factors, while Magical and Super Magical Chests have the best.

Can you get a legendary from an epic chest?

Epic Chests cannot contain Common, Rare, or Legendary cards, and Legendary Chests will always contain a single Legendary card.

How do you get mega Knight in clash Royale?

The Mega Knight card is unlocked from Royal Arena (Arena 7) or a Legendary Chest He is a melee-ranged splash damage troop with very high hitpoints and moderate splash damage.

Can you request Legendaries in clash Royale?

You cannot get legendary cards from epic chests, but you can get them from any of the other chests You can only get legendaries if you are in Arena 4 (PEKKA’s Playhouse) and above Legendary chests will give you a legendary from any arena, but other chests can only give you a legendary from your arena or lower.

What are the chances of getting a magical chest from battle?

Chest Time/Cost to Unlock Chance (in Battle) Magical Chest 12 hours (Instant if bought in shop) or 72 Gems (cost is determined by duration left) -> 35% <- 7/200 chests obtained Super Magical Chest 24 hours (Instant if bought in shop) or 144 Gems (cost is determined by duration left) -> 05% <- 1/200 chests obtained.

What do Level 6 Pekkas look like?

At level 6, PEKKA’s swords become pinker, and the eyes, as well as the “nose”, glows brighter.

What does Otto stand for COC?

A question was posted on the Supercell forum about what OTTO stand for and Darian the Supercell community manager replied with Organizatonal [sic] Tidying Trimmer Organizer, Orbital Tedium Tending Orderly, and Outstanding Tolerable Tributary Oscillator The post can be found here.

Is Mini Pekka a boy?

They are smaller versions of PEKKA, Dragon and Electro Dragon, respectively. The Clash of Clans Twitter account referred to the Mini PEKKA as a she in a tweet, contradicting a Clash Royale commercial where the Mini PEKKA is referred as a he, and being confirmed to be a male.

Are clash Royale chests predetermined?

These Clash Royale chests are earned after every win, and they fit in the four slots at the bottom of the screen Pro Tip It’s believed that these chests drop in a predetermined order – it’s not random, everyone gets them on the same cycle.

Do you skip chests in clash Royale?

5 Answers Battling with no chest slots open doesn’t have any real drawbacks While you can’t get a chest if your chest slots are filled, it won’t move you in the drop-cycle.

How do you get super magical chest?

Super Magical Chests Earned by winning battles or buying in the shop (1,600-4,600 gems depending on arena level) Takes 24 hours or 144 gems to unlock Contains gold, cards and sometimes gems Each time you go up an area level, the gold and cards received increases/.