Poodle, also known as “poodle”, also known as “poodle”, in German, Pudel means “water splash”, is an animal of the Canine subfamily Canis. The source of the poodle is as turbid and unclear as the water it wades to drag out the poultry.


Poodle development history

French poodles, Hungarian water dogs, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, spaniels, and even Maltese dogs may be the ancestors of the poodle.

The poodle is regarded as a national dog in France. Many people think that the poodle is native to France, but many countries still dispute the origin of the poodle and want to take it as their own. Germany, the former Soviet Union, Italy, and other countries have expressed their opinions. They believe that some breeds of poodles are produced in their countries. For example, white-haired breeds are mostly produced in France, brown-haired breeds are mostly produced in Germany, black-haired breeds are mostly produced in the former Soviet Union, and dark-brown breeds are mainly Italy is more. Some historians are convinced that Germany, the former Soviet Union, and France have all played extremely important roles in the development of the Poodle. The poodle originated in Europe, and the specific country is still controversial. Poodles are known for hunting in the water and are water hounds.

But only standard VIPs have the ability to work. It is a smart and understanding dog breed. For many years, it has been considered the national dog of France. According to the size of the poodle, the AKC standard is divided into three types: standard, mini, and toy. The FCI divides them into four types: large, medium, mini, and toy. Poodles have a unique temperament and changeable shapes, which have won the hearts of many people and give people a beautiful and intelligent impression. It is worth noting that there is no dog of the Teddy breed. Teddy is not a dog breed. It is just the name of one of the many beautiful styles of the Poodle.

Poodle morphological characteristics

The top of the skull is slightly rounded, the brow is shallow but clear, and the cheeks are flat. The eyes are dark and oval in color, with a wide distance between the eyes, and the eyes are alert. The kiss is straight and slender, with a slight depression under the eyes. The neck is strong, and the neck is long enough to lift the head high. The chest is deep and swollen with stretched ribs. The back heel is short and perpendicular to the ground.


Poodle personality characteristics

Lively, good temperament, very approachable, is a loyal dog breed. Very agile, intelligent, and elegant dog, square structure, well-proportioned, strong, and confident pace.

Poodle Coat Color Features

Its coat is usually trimmed into a traditional shape. There are curly and corded coats: curly coats are thick and dense: corded coats are drooping, and the length of the coat varies on various parts of the body. The neck, torso, and head The coat and ears are very long.

Poodle advantages and disadvantages

For dogs with small heads, to make up for this shortcoming, the hair on the head can be longer and cut into a round shape, and the coat on the neck should be hung down naturally, and the hair on the ears should be kept longer so that it looks like the head Slightly larger and beautiful. For dogs with larger heads, the hair should be cut short, and the hair on the neck does not need to be cut short.

How to raise a poodle

Poodle puppies are very easy to get sick, so you should pay special attention to prevention and food hygiene. The food must be rich in protein, and the meat should not be less than 100 grams per day. Before feeding, add the same amount of vegetarian food or biscuits to mix with water, and provide some fresh and clean drinking water.


Poodle grooming dog hair

The hair should be combed once in the morning and evening for 5 minutes each time.

Pay attention to the sequence of combing: starting from the neck, from front to back, and from top to bottom in sequence, that is, from the neck to the shoulders, then back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, and then comb the head, and finally, It is the limbs and tail. During the combing process, you should comb one side before combing the other side.

Combing method: combing hair should be combed and pulled quickly in the direction of the hair. When grooming long-haired dogs, many people only comb the long hair on the surface and ignore the fine hair below. The undercoat of a dog is soft and dense. If it is not combed for a long time, it will form tangles and even cause eczema, tinea, or other skin diseases. Therefore, when combing a long-haired dog, you should comb layer by layer, turn the long hair up, and then comb its undercoat.

Types of combs: brushes, elastic wire brushes, and long and sparse metal combs. The brush can only make the ends of the long hair fluffy, but the fine hair cannot be combed. When grooming long-haired dogs, brushes, elastic wire brushes, and long and sparse metal combs should be used together.

Poodle breeding and breeding


The selection of elite breed dogs for mating and breeding will consolidate and develop the excellent qualities of dogs in their offspring, and make people’s undesirable shortcomings gradually disappear in their offspring. This is the purpose of selection.

When male dogs and female dogs of the same breed with the same excellent traits mate and breed, they can not only ensure that the breeds of their offspring are pure, but they can also consolidate and develop the excellent qualities of their parents in their offspring. This kind of mating and breeding is called purebred Reproduction. Use a male dog of a good breed to mate with a female dog of another breed. Because they have different good traits, you can get offspring with different good qualities from the parents. This kind of breeding is called interbreeding. The use of two different species of males and females to mate, bred new breeds or offspring with new traits, this kind of breeding is called mixed hybridization, such as the use of male wolves and excellent female dogs to breed, you can breed fierce enemies A new breed of dog that is docile to the owner.

The best age for breeding dogs to mate for the first time

Animals all have a specific time of sexual maturity, which is not the best age to give birth to offspring, and this is also true of dogs. Take medium-sized dogs as an example. They begin to mature sexually at the age of 7-8 months after birth. Although both male and female dogs have the ability to give birth to offspring, their physical development is not yet sound. At this time, the reproductive offspring are also won’t be too good. For black-backed, wolf-green, Lingti, Kunming dogs, the best age of their offspring for the first time: bitches should start at 18 or 20 months after birth when their bodies are fully developed, Also has the ability to breed suckling dogs, so female dogs should be bred in the third estrus; male dogs develop and stereotype later than female dogs, therefore, the best dog age for the first breeding should start at the age of two. The breeding age of male dogs can be extended from two to seven or eight years old. To obtain excellent offspring of elite breed dogs, the nutrition of male and female dogs must be strengthened before breeding. Pay attention to proper training and exercise for them. Keep their bodies healthy and keep them motivated to work.

Estrus and estrus

Sexually mature dogs are in heat twice a year. The estrus period in spring is from March to May, and the estrus period in autumn is from September to November. The interval between two estruses is about 6 months. In the case of female dogs, estrus in female dogs is marked by vaginal bleeding in female dogs: vaginal bleeding generally lasts for about 21 days, but vaginal bleeding in estrus in older female dogs maybe a little shorter for one or two days:

The main characteristics of female dogs during estrus:

1. The labia of the estrus bitch is swollen, hypertrophied, protruding, and initially pink, with obvious congestion and a small amount of mucus with blood flowing out of the bitch’s vagina. As the estrus period continues, the amount of blood flowing out increases day by day, and the color of the blood also changes from pink to deep red: on the 8th day of estrus, the blood volume is the thickest and the darkest. After the 9th day, the blood volume gradually decreased and the concentration gradually became thinner. At this time, the labia gradually turned dark red. As the swelling of the labia gradually disappeared and wrinkles began to appear, the female dog in estrus entered the ovulation period. The ovulation period lasts about 5-6 days when the female dog in estrus is willing to accept the male dog to climb across. With the extension of the ovulation period, the courtship of the female dog in estrus became more intense. Until the 16th day of the estrus, the female dog began to hate the entanglement of the male dog. At this time, the vagina of the female dog in the estrus still had blood flowing out. By the 21st day, the vagina bleeding stopped, the labia swelling subsided, and the female dog’s estrus ended.

2. The bitch looks excited during estrus. As the estrus period continued, the bitch’s excitement increased, her expression was more drowsy than usual, her bark was louder, and her eyes brightened. In hot estrus, the bitch sits restlessly and loses appetite sharply. The tied bitch keeps barking in courtship. At this time, if the dog breeder presses the bitch’s waist with his hand or strokes the dog’s tail, the bitch will standstill. , Or tilt the tail of the dog to one side, the dog’s labia is constantly twitching, and the vagina opens and closes frequently. At this time, as with a sexually mature male dog, the hind limbs of the female dog in estrus are spread apart and the dog is actively accepting mating. During the estrus period of the dog, the dog breeder must closely observe the above-mentioned changes and expressions of the estrus bitch, and must remember the date when the bitch begins to estrus (the first day of vaginal bleeding) to calculate the best bitch. The mating day: Only bred on the best mating day can the female dog’s conception rate and litter size be improved.

Best mating day and mating

According to observational research and dog-raising practice, it is proved that the estrus period of a normally developed female dog is 21 days, and the 10th to 13th day of estrus is the best mating day. Breeding female dogs are most susceptible to conception. Therefore, the first mating is generally performed on the 10th day of the female dog’s estrus, and then one mating every day for 4 consecutive matings. The last mating is the 13th day of the female’s estrus; or the first mating on the 10th day of the female’s estrus. Mate once every other day, and mate twice on the best mating day.

Regarding the changes in the external genitals of the female dog in estrus, the swollen labia of the female dog in estrus had obviously disappeared on the 10th day of the best breeding day, the color was dark red, and wrinkles appeared around the labia. In the labia of a bitch, the labia nerve of the dog is very sensitive, and there will be rhythmic contractions. The bitch will instinctively open the hind limbs and appear to accept mating. Regarding the physiological condition of the female dog in heat at this time, when the female dog receives the male dog to mate and the uterus is stimulated by the sperm, ovulation begins 12 to 14 hours, and the ovulation lasts for 12 to 48 hours. The sperm shot into the female dog’s body by the male dog survives in the female dog’s womb for about 48 hours. At this time, the female dog’s egg is combined with the “sitting”. Continuous mating or mating every other day during the ovulation period from the 10th to 13th day of estrus of the female dog will achieve the best conception effect.

Feeding and management of pregnant dogs

Exquisite Poodle Atlas

Exquisite Poodle Atlas (9 photos)

The pregnancy period of female dogs is 58 to 65 days, with an average of 62 days. Among them, the gestation period of large dogs and medium-sized dogs is about 63 days, and the gestation period of small dogs such as pugs is about 60 days. To ensure that the offspring breeds are pure, in the first few days after mating, the bitch is not allowed to approach the male dogs of other breeds, to avoid impure offspring.

The bitch should be carefully fed during pregnancy, and the feed should be rich in nutrition and sufficient in quantity, allowing it to feed freely. You must also feed some cartilage, fresh green vegetables, cod liver oil, etc. Pregnant dogs must have appropriate activities. Female dogs in the first month of pregnancy can carry out professional training activities every day; from the second month of pregnancy, pregnant dogs should stop training, and are not allowed to jump or participate in professional activities, but every day the owner must take it for a two-hour walk. Improper activity is very harmful to pregnant dogs.