Pet Microchipping Is Creating a Buzz – Is It a Choice That You Should Make?

Pet Microchipping

June gets counted as the National Microchipping Month. And here, many pet owners bring their dogs and cats chipped. The latest research highlights that close to one-third of pets might get separated from their owners because of theft or other incidents. Some might never get back home. 

You have several things that you can do for securing your pet. However, the truth is that a debacle can take place at any moment. Hence, you get your pet microchipped, it can help to keep them safe as they move on to an unknown locale by mistake. There are names like BetterVet Houston where you can check out details concerning microchipping and attain the service they have to provide. But here is one word of caution. Make sure that you don’t rush into the process. Know about microchipping and how it can work in your favor to arrive at an informed decision. 

The advantages of microchipping for your pet

Even though there is no guarantee that through microchipping, your pet will get reunited with you once it gets lost, in most cases, you are likely to see them again. And in case a person gets your pet and takes it to a vet’s clinic, the trained staff will resort to a handheld scanner for searching for the microchip. Until you update on the information date, someone will reach out to get your dog back once it gets lost. 

You have to enquire about the microchipping process and the cost to know you are paying the correct amount for the right process. At times, vet clinics do the job in haste, which can harm the dog and will not do justice to the money you invested. Hence, make the correct enquire prior to investing. 

The process of microchipping

The microchipping process might get done early or take some time based on the staff who is getting it done. At times, it is fast and your pet might face a minimal discomfort. There is a chip that is in the size of a rice grain, usually gets inserted to the loose skin that is between their shoulder blades. It gets done by injecting a syringe, much like the ones used for vaccinations. Hence, there is no need for any local anesthesia. Furthermore, it usually takes a couple of seconds for the process to get conducted, enabling your dog to return to its original activities right after the microchipping. 

Usually, its an expert vet who conducts the microchipping process, which is why it is totally safe. It doesn’t have any personal data. Each microchip that gets used carries a distinctive identification number associated with an online account with your address, phone number, and other details. Make sure this data is updated from time to time as you move to a new location or home so that you can get back your furry friend once you lose it. Also, select a leading and reputed vet to execute this process accurately.