Is it okay to use a veterinary clinic to cut my dog’s nails?

I often hear that dogs are not good at nail clippers and that they also hate their dogs, so they are having a hard time. It’s best to cut your dog’s nails at home, but if you can’t do it, you can ask at a veterinary clinic. This time, we will introduce the benefits of having nail clippers cut at a veterinary hospital and the price guides you care about.

Is it okay to use a veterinary clinic to cut my dog's nails?

Benefits of doing a dog nail clipper at the hospital

If you’ve tried cutting your dog’s nails several times, but you’re not good at it and your dog goes wild, you can take the plunge and ask the veterinary clinic next time.

The number of hospitals with trimming is increasing

You may have the image that a veterinary clinic only goes when you are sick or injured. However, this is not the case in reality, and recently, the number of veterinary clinics that perform trimming is increasing. Of course, even just nail clippers will be happy to respond, so if it is difficult to cut your nails at home, it is better to leave it to a professional instead of forcing it to reduce the stress on your dog.

Inadvertent bleeding … but safe

At the veterinary clinic, there are not only veterinarians but also nurses who are accustomed to handling dogs, so even dogs that go wild at home can be retained and finished in a blink of an eye.

Besides, since it is a hospital, you will not accidentally cut it too much and cause bleeding, and even if your nails are stretched too much and you bleed, you can get bleeding treatment there as it is, so you can rest assured.

Is it okay to use a veterinary clinic to cut my dog's nails?

A health consultation is also possible while cutting the dog’s nails

At the veterinary hospital, even though it is only a nail clipper, it also weighs you for the convenience of creating a medical record. Also, when you cut your claws, you touch the dog’s body, so if something goes wrong, you may be noticed early.

If you have a symptom that you are a little worried about but not enough to go to the hospital, you can consult with us about nail clippers.

By keeping the veterinary clinic close to you, you will be able to rely on your dog even in the unlikely event of a sudden illness. With that alone, you will be able to act mysteriously and calmly.

Price for getting a dog’s nail clippers at a veterinary clinic

It is a price that you are worried about when asking a professional to cut your dog’s nails, but since veterinary hospitals are free medical treatment, there are some differences in price depending on the hospital. However, as a guide, there are many places where the price is as low as 500 to 800 yen per head, and it seems that in many cases it can be done within 1,000 yen at the highest.

Is it okay to use a veterinary clinic to cut my dog's nails?

There is an initial consultation fee. Nice free service

In some cases, the initial consultation fee may be charged only for the first time in addition to the nail clipper fee, but if you go to the clinic regularly, that amount will not be charged from the next time. In addition, if you have a medical examination due to your dog’s physical condition, some hospitals will provide you with a service at the time of the medical examination if you ask if you would like to have your nail clippers cut together.

Is it okay to use a veterinary clinic to cut my dog's nails?

Estimated frequency of getting your dog’s nail clippers

The frequency of nail clippers varies depending on how the dog walks and the living environment, but it can be said that the average pace is once a month.

If you cut your nails regularly, your dog will gradually get used to cutting your nails, and your blood vessels and nerves will not grow, so the burden on your dog when cutting your nails will be significantly reduced. Will be done.

If you can cut your nails smoothly at the hospital, you may be able to handle it at home soon.

There is also the option of leaving the dog’s nail clippers at the hospital

You might think that you can leave your dog’s nail clippers at the hospital. But if you want to control the dogs you don’t like and spend some time doing things that you don’t like, leave it to the professionals you’re used to. It’s still a hospital, so you can leave it to us with confidence, and you can also use the time you used to cut your nails to play with your dog. If you ask the hospital, it will cost you a little, but it may be a big advantage for your dog.