If your dog eats nuts

Nuts are rich in nutritional components and are one of the foodstuffs that are attracting attention due to their high nutritional value. Nuts are the image of snacks, but recently, many people are actively eating nutritious nuts for breakfast. And are nuts a safe food for dogs, just as something good for humans can be dangerous for dogs?

If your dog eats nuts

This time, I will introduce such nuts in detail.

Is it okay for dogs to eat nuts? Good to eat, bad to eat

In fact, some nuts should never be given to dogs.

Also, even if it does not contain toxic substances, I am worried that it will be very indigestible and will put a strain on the dog’s body.

Nuts containing dangerous ingredients

[Macadamia nuts]

It’s something you should never give to your dog. There is a risk of poisoning symptoms called macadamia nut poisoning. The causative ingredient is unknown, but it’s definitely a dangerous food that can be life-threatening for dogs.

[Pecan nuts]

It contains an addictive substance called juglone.

It may cause gastrointestinal disorders.

Nuts that need attention


Does not contain addictive substances. However, many peanuts are seasoned with butter or salt, which is not good for the dog’s body.


Almonds do not contain addictive substances. However, hard almonds are difficult to digest and can cause diarrhea and vomiting. There is also a risk of clogging the trachea if a small dog swallows it without chewing.


Eating a small number of walnuts is not a problem.

However, because it is so high in calories, small dogs can exceed their daily calorie intake with just a few grains. It is also bad for digestion, so I am worried about the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

[Cashew nuts]

Contains no addictive substances. Eating a small amount is not a problem, but it is difficult to digest and may cause diarrhea.

If your dog eats nuts

What are the symptoms of poisoning caused by eating nuts and what to do about them?

Some of the symptoms of poisoning caused by nuts are:

・ Attracting and convulsions

・ Repeat vomiting and diarrhea

・ I’m not feeling well and I’m tired

・ There is fever and it sways

For example, macadamia nuts often show symptoms within 12 hours of ingestion. If you have eaten macadamia nuts, you should see a veterinarian immediately.

The same is true for other nuts. Even if it does not contain toxic substances, if you eat it in large quantities, it will cause allergies and put a heavy burden on the dog’s body.

It also clogs the digestive system with whole nuts, which poses a risk of intestinal obstruction.

If it hasn’t been long since the ingestion, it seems that the veterinarian often decides to vomit or wash the stomach.

First, talk to your veterinarian at an early stage for instructions.

If your dog eats nuts

Foods that should never be given to dogs as well as dangerous nuts

Besides nuts, there are many things you should never give to your dog.

Here are some typical ingredients that are dangerous for dogs to eat.


・ Onion

・ Nuts

・ Garlic

・ Leek

・ Rakkyo


・ Grape (including raisins)


Some, such as chocolate and onions, have clear toxic substances, but surprisingly many have unknown causes.

Symptoms vary depending on the amount of food eaten and the constitution of the dog, but if it becomes severe, it can be life-threatening, so great care must be taken.

Things to keep in mind in your life with your dog

Many things in our lives are dangerous to dogs.

Deepen your knowledge so that you don’t accidentally leave it on the table for your beloved dog.