How to trim a dog’s nails, teach you how to cut nails

Cut your dog’s nails? Presumably many people have never heard of this statement. Why do you want to cut your dog’s nails? Isn’t it completely grindable by itself? In fact, the dog’s nails can be worn off by exercise, but if the amount of exercise is low, the dog needs to cut his nails. Dogs’ toenails are too long not only affect their walking, but also hurt the flesh because of the long back curvature, so the owner must learn to trim the dog’s nails regularly and cut it every 6-8 weeks. How to cut it? Let us find out together.

How to trim a dog's nails, teach you how to cut nails

1. Prepare tools

First prepare the tools and choose other nail clippers according to the size of the dog. If the nails are large, it is recommended to choose the hollow sickle type. A suitable nail clipper can not only cut nails quickly, but also make the dog less worried!

2. Make the dog comfortable or divert attention

If you are a big dog, you can be together when you cut your nails. One person distracts the dog and touches it, while the other cuts his nails while he is not paying attention. If there is only one person cutting the dog’s nails, please calm the dog first, then you can hold the dog in your arms and slowly nail it.

3. Trim the posture

When trimming the dog’s nails, the owner can let the dog stand on the table and clamp the dog’s head under his arm to prevent the dog from being injured when struggling. After comforting, hold the nail to be cut with your hand, and then quickly cut it off. If the dog is unwell at this time, the pet owner should stop to comfort the dog and wait for it to calm down before continuing.

4. Trim length

The pet owner can’t cut the nails very short in an effort to save trouble, and the length of the trimming cannot reach the blood line. The dog’s nails are white, and you can see the obvious red part, which is the blood line. If the nails are black, the owner can put the dog’s feet on the table so that the nails just touch the tabletop. Don’t be too short to be bad for the dog.

5. Polishing

Everyone knows that our own nails are very sharp right after they are cut, and it hurts when they hit our skin. The same is true for dog nails. Therefore, after trimming the dog, the pet owner can use sandpaper or other sanding tools to polish the edges of the dog’s nails, so as to prevent the dog’s nails from scratching and affecting the life of the dog and his family.

Friends, now you know how to cut your dog’s nails! In fact, the dog’s nails can be polished off by themselves, as long as there is enough exercise. If the pet owner takes the dog out to play every day, then there is no need to cut the dog’s nails.

Correct dog nail length

Cutting nails for pets is technical work. We must consider the cooperation of dogs and pets, as well as how to cut nails scientifically and correctly for pets.

Before cutting the nails, pay attention to the xue line in the nail, which is the dark red part of the nail’s horny substance. The place to be cut with the dog’s special scissors must be below the blood line, and do not cut to the blood line to prevent bleeding from the dog’s nails. It is common for professional beauticians to cut bleeding. They have powder to deal with similar problems, but for friends who cut nails for dogs at home, I advise you to be timid when cutting nails for dogs. it is good. So cut a little bit less each time, one millimeter or two millimeters is fine, “small amount and many times” is a better way.

The nails of pet dogs are very hard. After determining the position to be cut, the final cut should be decisive. Because dogs usually shrink their paws when they find that you want to move their nails, and the owner’s hesitation can also give the dog a signal of anxiety. When a person is operating, he must use one hand to firmly grasp the dog’s paw, and the other hand to hold the scissors on the nail to compare it with a good position. Never use scissors to pinch your dog’s nails when he shrinks his paws. It must be a very uncomfortable thing.

Understand the dog’s habits and master the correct way to cut nails.