How to train a German Shepherd

How to train a German shepherd, the German shepherd is commonly known as the German black back, and it is the German wolf-dog that people often say. The German Shepherd is agile, tall, and mighty in appearance, which makes people afraid to approach. German shepherds are very obedient to their owners, so we often see German shepherds are generally used by working dogs such as military dogs and police dogs. So how should we raise German Shepherds correctly?

How to train a German Shepherd

German Shepherd Training Method

First of all, the best time to train a German shepherd should be when it is young, and the owner can start training the German shepherd puppy when it is playing. The content of training can start from lifestyle habits and attitudes, and then gradually transition to training in abilities and skills as the dog grows older.

In the training of puppies, parents can use a ball, a piece of cloth, a wooden stick, a traction rope and other auxiliary tools for training. For example, small ball training can not only awaken German animal husbandry’s hunting nature, but also make it exercise and gradually become more flexible. At the same time, at this time, parents can train German shepherd dogs to develop the habits of fixed-point eating, sleeping, and excretion, so that the owner can save more troubles and troubles.

In the training process, the initial parents may need to adopt some mandatory or mechanical training methods. Because the German shepherd at the beginning of training cannot fully understand the instructions and expressions of the owner, it is necessary for the owner to teach the German shepherd to complete the training content, and then through continuous repeated training, strengthen the German shepherd. In the memory, make it form a conditioned reflex, always master the content of training, and, in the process of training, should also pay attention to rewards and punishments.

How to raise German painting shepherd dogs

1. Nutrition is necessary to maintain the growth and development of German Shepherd Dogs and other life activities. Mainly refers to protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and so on.

2. Feed is divided into animal feed, plant feed, seasonings, additives, and commercial feeds. Animal feed is the staple food of dogs. Such as commonly used beef, milk, eggs, fish, livestock and poultry offal, etc. Among the meats, beef is the best. Plant-based feed is mainly rice, such as rice, millet, wheat, sorghum rice, and corn. There are also vegetables such as spinach and cabbage. The seasoning is mainly salt, but excessive amounts can cause allergies and poisoning in dogs. Additives include minerals, vitamins, trace elements, etc. Commercial feed refers to a series of pellet feed for dogs.

What to feed German Shepherd Dogs

1. Canned food. Canned food with juicy flesh and soft, with different tastes and biting strength, can promote the appetite of dogs. But it contains high protein, usually mixed with dry dog ​​food, calorie and carbohydrate intake will increase. Moreover, it loses its umami taste after a period of time after opening.

2. Dried meatloaf. The crunchy dry meat pie added to the canned food not only makes the dog bite, increases the fiber and fat, but also strengthens the movement of the palate.

3. Dry dog ​​food. Completely dry dog ​​food has a balanced nutrition and is conducive to large amounts of storage. Because it contains 4 times the calorie of canned food, be careful not to make too much weight when feeding.