How to train a Belgian Shepherd Dog

How to train the Belgian Shepherd Dog? In our daily life, we often see some cute dogs helping the owner to do things. For example, the cute and smart golden-haired warm man often uses his mouth to help the owner hang the vegetable basket, and We often see some cute dogs on some videos helping the owner take care of the little owner or doing things obediently according to the owner’s instructions. Then we.

How to train a Belgian Shepherd Dog

How do we train our lovely Belgian Shepherd?

What is a Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is vigilant, intelligent, and very alert. It is an outdoor dog breed. If the house is spacious, the family-style life can be well adapted to it. There are four different types of Belgian Shepherd Dogs, namely short-haired breed (Belgian Malinois, that is, horse dog), black long-haired breed (Belgian Groanda), variegated long-haired breed (Belgian Tambilian) And bristly breed (Belgian Lacannos Sheepdog).

The history of the Belgian Shepherd

Before the 19th century, many breeds closely related to the shepherd existed in Belgium. Later, due to the reduction in the need to guard the sheep, the breeders improved these shepherd dogs into four basic dog breeds with different coat colors, namely, black long-haired breed, short-haired breed, variegated long-haired breed and bristly breed. Dog fans regard these dog breeds as different forms of the same breed. The United States regards these four forms as separate varieties. Before the beginning of the 20th century, the Belgian Shepherd was widely used to guard sheep near Belgium. Now it is mainly used in the military and police circles, or used by tavernkeepers to protect themselves.

How to train a Belgian Shepherd

1. The method of training the Belgian Shepherd Dog to move forward: When the dog is required to advance to a certain place according to the owner’s command, let the dog sit down first, and the owner walks out a distance of about 20 meters and makes a posture as if it has put something. Then return quickly. Kneel on the left leg slightly, extend the palm of your right hand toward the inner arm forward, point to the place you just arrived, and move the dog forward. When the dog arrives at the destination, order the dog to sit down and give it a reward immediately. After repeated training, the owner does not need to follow to the destination, and only uses gestures and commands to guide the dog to reach the destination.

2. The method of training the Belgian Shepherd Dog to sit down: If you want the dog to sit on the left side, you can let the dog stand on the left side, send the “sit” command, and then use the right hand collar to press the dog’s waist or gently press down Its hind legs will be rewarded immediately after the movement is completed. If you want the dog to sit in the front, you can let the dog stand in front of you, send the “sitting” command, put your right hand in an L-shaped posture, and hold the collar with your left hand to make the dog sit down. After the action is completed, you will be rewarded immediately. It should be noted that the sitting time can be extended slowly during training. And it can be repeatedly trained to make the movements more standardized.

3. The method of training the Belgian Shepherd Dog to stand up: If you want to stand up when the dog is sitting or lying down, issue a “stand” command, lightly lift the collar with your right hand, and gently lift the dog’s hind abdomen with your left hand to make it stand up. After the action is completed, rewards will be given immediately. The distance between the owner and the dog can be increased slowly during training.

Breeding requirements for the Belgian Shepherd

1. When feeding Belgian puppies, the resistance of puppies is not very strong. Puppies cannot directly feed them dog food. They must be soaked in hot water before feeding them. Don’t give them too salty food. Easy to get sick. About a month or so, you can take Belgian puppies to the pet hospital for vaccinations. Do not bathe during the injections. They are prone to catch colds, sneeze, and diarrhea.

2. In terms of diet, young Belgian Shepherds cannot digest harder foods. Therefore, it must be prepared with soft, well-balanced, nutritious, and easy-to-digest foods. You can buy some professional dog milk powder and puppy dog ​​food. First soak the dog food in warm water to make it soft, then mix it with the dog milk powder evenly, and then feed it to the puppies after it becomes sticky. In this way, it can meet the nutritional needs of puppies, and the dog itself will not suffer from indigestion.