How to make the dog stand up and walk

For everyone today, let the dog stand up and walk on its hind feet, but several aspects must be paid attention to when the damage is serious.

How to make the dog stand up and walk

Standing up on the hind feet is not a problem for small dogs.

Because they are very curious about the world at high altitudes, they always want to stand high. Sometimes there is no need to deliberately train, they themselves grasp the ability to stand up with only their hind feet, and often do so for a long time.

How to make the dog stand up and walk

In fact, training is not too difficult, small dogs will quickly grasp:

First, bring a collar for your dog, fasten a leash, and pay attention to dry roads and not muddy.

Then, hold the delicious snack in one hand and put it on top of the pet dog’s head; in the other hand, hold the too-long leash in the hand, and push directly up to lift the dog. Outgoing command “stand up”.

The dog will stand up with the work pressure of the leash upwards and the correct guidance of snacks. For a puppy who stands up for the first time, if the stability is not very good, he will be able to grasp it after a few more training sessions. Remember, as long as the puppy has achieved the desired posture and can maintain it for a period of time, you should immediately release the work pressure of pulling up, and give snacks and petting rewards.

After standing up and learning, you can gradually move the hand holding the snack or holding the traction belt, and then send out the command “go”. When training, you must carefully observe your pet dog, take care of its experience and master the time.

Gradually, without the help of leashes and snacks, your dog will understand what to do when he hears the “stand up” or “walk” command.

How to make the dog stand up and walk

It is not suitable for every dog to stand up and walk on the hind feet, and medium and large dogs do not need to try training. But small dogs don’t need to stand up often. Because of the long-term nature of allowing dogs to stand up and walk around, the physical and mental health of the puppy is very harmful.

When puppies use their limbs to walk around, their body structure is determined. The key load positions are the limbs, hips, and shoulders, and the spine is not stressed.

But after standing up and walking around, the load position became the spine and limbs, and they carried almost all the net weight. This will cause different levels of damage to the dog’s spine or limbs:


Spine deformation, lumbar intervertebral discs are likely to cause hind leg hemiplegia, cervical spine problems are likely to cause quadriplegia; hindfoot deformity; cartilage tissue damage, rheumatism, or patella dislocation; more serious ones will continue to seriously endanger life and even cause apoplexy Risk of death;

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