how to keep dogs calm

The Spring Festival is a special day for us. During the Chinese New Year, many relatives and friends who seldom communicate with each other will come to our house to reminisce about the old days with us or have a meal together. However, for young people and family dogs, Chinese New Year may not be a very happy event. Because young people have to be asked about their work and marriage issues, and dogs, they have to face different strangers every day, and they want to rub their faces when they meet for the first time. However, no matter how good-tempered dogs are, they can’t stand this kind of life. Sometimes, they will attack and bite guests because of their annoyance. At this time, the owner needs to pay attention. If the dog makes these 4 small movements, it means that it is very nervous and is about to bite!

how to keep dogs calm

  1. Avoid the sight of relatives and friends

If the guest wants to interact with the dog, but the dog keeps avoiding the sight of relatives and friends, just looking at other places. That actually means that dogs feel pressure because of this. In order to relieve their pressure, they can only choose not to look at things that make them feel oppressive, that is, guests who want to rub their faces.

  2. Gasping for breath

If the temperature does not rise suddenly during the New Year, the dog will not pant quickly. Once it appears, it means that the dog is in an abnormal state, just like a human being can’t help but breathe hard after being frightened. In fact, this is also a dog trying to relieve stress by itself.

  3. Licking lips frequently

When a dog is nervous, he will also show some unconscious behavior, one of which includes licking his lips. However, the whole habit is easy to be ignored, because this action sometimes makes the dog look a little cute, and everyone thinks it is cute rather than nervous.

  4. Start to protect food and toys

Food and toys are like our belongings to dogs. Once a stranger invades their territory and makes them feel stressed, for safety, they will guard their food and toys and avoid it thinking The “threatening” person snatched away its treasured food and toys.

how to keep dogs calm

Therefore, during the Spring Festival, the owner should pay close attention to the interaction between the dog and the guest. If the dog makes these small movements, it means that it is very nervous. Once their pressure exceeds a threshold, they will attack guests in order to protect themselves. For the safety of guests and let the dogs feel soothed, we should actually do this:

  1. Prevent dogs from getting along with children alone!

Regardless of whether the child is a good child or a bear child, they are all young and weak, and they don’t know how to get along with dogs. If you really want to touch the dog, please do so under the watch of the owner.

  2. Refusing to let relatives and friends hug the dog

Humans will think that hugging is a warm and kind gesture, but for dogs, strange humans actually want to suppress and attack them, making them feel very depressed.

  3. Leash at home

Leashing is the best way to control the dog, and it also allows the dog to find a sense of security. With the pull of the leash, it will know that it should be as calm as meeting a stranger while walking. If the dog is really afraid of living, it is best to give it a quiet room.

  4. Stay away from stressors in time

If the dog makes a small gesture that is too stressful, then we should take it away quickly. Stay away from stressors and calm your dog’s emotions in a quieter room. If you still feel pressure from the contact again, it is best to stop the interaction.