How to grow a beagle lovingly

Beagle is famous as a dog breed that became a model of Snoopy. I think everyone has seen it once. Beagle, which has a cheerful and lively personality, is strong and easy to keep and has maintained stable popularity as a domestic dog. Here, we will explain in detail the character, characteristics, and breeding methods of such beagles.

How to grow a beagle lovingly

The first beagle you should know

Beagle is a hunting dog native to the United Kingdom and belongs to the Smell Hound in the category of the Japan Kennel Club. Although it is the smallest breed of hound, it was responsible for finding and tracking prey with a good sense of smell and informing hunters. Even now, the temperament of a hunting dog has not disappeared, and it is a breed that is often regarded as a hunting partner in Japan.

Beagle history

The origin of the beagle is not clear, but it is said that the beagle lineage is the ancestor of the hound, which was hunting rabbits in Greece in BC. It is a well-known story in England that Queen Elizabeth I bred a small herd of beagles called “Singing Beagles” in the late 1500s.

Beagle features

The barking voice chasing the prey passes so well that it is also called the “forest trumpet”. Be aware that if you raise a dog as a selfish dog, it will become a barking dog due to its peculiar stubbornness.

Body shape / constitution

Body height: 33 cm-40 cm

Weight: 7kg-12kg is standard.

Its body length is longer than its height, and it features short legs for chasing small rabbits. Ideally, you should have a sharp neck from your chest to your waist, and if your torso is the same thickness, you may think that you are a little overweight.

I have a strong body and a constitution that makes it difficult for me to get sick, but that does not mean that I will not get sick at all. Preventive and early detection will be possible by properly managing a daily physical condition such as hair care and body check.

How to grow a beagle lovingly

Hair color / coat / hair loss

Beagle’s certified colors are to be accepted as long as it is a hound color other than the liver color (reddish black-brown). The white tip of the tail is a common feature. Most of the beagles currently bred are tri-color, which is a mixture of white, black, and brown.

The coat is a double coat with short hair, and it contains a moderate amount of oil, so it has the characteristic of easily repelling rain. This is also a characteristic of a breed that works as a hunting dog.

There is a lot of hair loss, especially during the molting period, a lot of dense lower hair comes off. Get in the habit of brushing regularly and avoid accumulating extra hair.

Lifespan and illnesses

Lifespan is 12 to 15 years. It is not uncommon for a healthy beagle to be over 15 years old.

Otitis externa is a disease that is susceptible to the beagle. Beagles with large drooping ears are a disease to watch out for. Here are some things that owners should be aware of, such as the causes and symptoms of the onset.

How to grow a beagle lovingly

·otitis externa

Otitis externa, which is said to be most likely to occur in dog breeds with drooping ears, is more likely to develop due to ear mites, stuffiness during the rainy season, and excessive ear cleaning. Suspect otitis externa if you frequently scratch your neck or become reluctant to touch your ears.

If the symptom is mild, it can be treated only with ear drops, but if the symptom is advanced, treatment such as washing is required, and antibiotics may be taken in addition to the ear drops. The treatment period will be extended and it will be a burden to the owner and the dog, so check it frequently so that you can detect it early.

In addition to otitis externa, it is also a breed of dog that is prone to develop herniated discs. Excessive exercise before the body is completed and overweight puts a strain on the lower back, so be careful.

Beagle personality

Beagle’s personality is self-paced in one word. It is sometimes said that it is not suitable for training due to lack of concentration, but it is outstanding in concentration and patience to achieve one’s desires such as escape and stealing.

Friendly and affectionate personality

Beagles are very friendly and rarely fight, so you can play with other breeds. This is due to the habit of collaborating with friends to find prey during hunting. You will run around with the dog you meet for the first time and behave amiably to the visitors.

He is also affectionate to his family and likes to act with his owner. However, it also has a self-paced side, so there is not much tendency to depend too much on the owner.

How to grow a beagle lovingly

Has both vigilance and boldness

Beagle’s cautiousness and boldness are the very nature of being a hunting dog. Carefully sniff the prey, find it, and when you find it, chase after it and let the hunter know where you are.

Beagle is a big fan of exploration, so if you find an odor you’re interested in while taking a walk, you may be careful to track it down and run suddenly to chase after it. When the beagle begins to smell like looking for something, hold the reed firmly.

How to grow a beagle

A curious and somewhat stubborn side of the beagle grows into a dog that goes my way if left free. Please prepare an environment where you can spend time without stress by breeding methods that match the character of the beagle.


Beagle is a breed of dog that is suitable for indoor breeding. Since it is not resistant to temperature differences, it is necessary to control the temperature indoors. I prefer to be in the same space as the owner, so it’s a good idea to create a place in the living room.

Naughty and stamina beagles have a strong appetite. It may be mischievous to steal and eat secretly so that it will not be noticed, so it is recommended to put it in a circle where you can spend calmly at bedtime or when you are away from home.


Don’t underestimate the stamina of a beagle. Contrary to its petite appearance, it has the physical strength and body to keep you informed even for a long time. Take a walk twice a day for at least 1 hour each. If possible, it is recommended to set aside time to run around freely with a dog run.

If you lack exercise, you will have a lot of physical strength and stress, and you will end up with a restless dog. Exercise is probably the most important thing in beagle breeding, as it can cause obesity.


Beagles do not have much concentration other than their own desires, so discipline is required to be patient and consistent. Be aware that if the owner decides that the mood at that time is good or bad, the beagle will learn it and will choose the one that satisfies his or her desires.

Even now, he has the temperament to play an active role as a hunting dog, so it can be said that he is a very obedient dog to a reliable leader.


Beagles, which are often obese due to lack of exercise, are prone to disc herniation when they are overweight, which puts a strain on their legs and hips. Review the amount of food and exercise, and manage to maintain an appropriate body shape. Since the average weight is just a guide, it is recommended to judge by body shape, not weight.

Happy time with the beagle

Beagles have stamina as a hunting dog that can keep up with their prey for long periods of time, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to exercise if you keep them at home. Lack of exercise can cause obesity and stress. Also, since it is a dog breed that is smart and swallows quickly, it will be a very good partner if the master-slave relationship is clear.