how to groom a standard poodle at home

Poodle sportswear is the most popular attire in poodle grooming. The body is small and beautiful, giving people a lively and lovely image. The method of construction is also very simple. Cut off the excess hair and modify it a little. It is exclusive It is suitable for poodles of almost all body shapes and colors.

how to groom a standard poodle at home

how to groom a standard poodle at home

Sportswear required tools

Beauty table, electric scissors, electric scissors heads (No. 15, No. 10), beauty scissors (7-inch straight cut, curved cut), wire brush or needle brush, beautician comb. In addition, it also includes: knot opener, toenail scissors, hemostatic forceps, hemostatic powder, hair dryer, absorbent towel, beauty waterproof apron, pet shampoo, absorbent cotton, eye wash, ear powder, open powder, untie knife.


1. Brushing

Brushing can remove the hair knots on the poodle and check the skin condition. When brushing, you should first use a needle to brush the bristles. The advantage of the needle comb is that it is not easy to break the hair. It is best to use stainless steel or a softer needle comb. The method of combing is to start from the feet, from the bottom to the top, from the tail to the head, in order, layer by layer, so that most of the knots can be untied. Paste, use an unknotting knife to unknot the hairs.

2. Sort out

After finishing brushing, use a beauty comb (wide and narrow tooth comb) to comb. Use the broad-toothed side to comb first, so that you can untie the knot more deeply, but pay attention to the appropriate force, otherwise it will easily break the hair and hurt the dog. After the wide-tooth comb is finished, comb it again with the narrow-tooth comb. Until the coat is unobstructed and no tangles.

3. Cleaning of ears

To clean the ears, first pour an appropriate amount of ear hair powder into the ear hole, and then gently pierce the ear so that the ear hair powder is fully in contact with the ear hair and ear canal, so that the ear will become astringent and facilitate extraction. When pulling out, the action should be fast and steady. Sometimes the piercings are very small, and you can use ear hair pliers if you can’t pull out the fingers. Use ear hair pliers to fix the dog’s head securely. The next step is cleaning. First, use ear hair tongs to make a cotton swab, dipped in an appropriate amount of earwashing water, first clean the dog’s external ear canal, and then clean the deep part that can be seen. It should be noted that whether it is plucking ear hair or cleaning the ear canal, it must be visible to the eyes.

4. Eye cleaning

Drop some eye drops before taking a bath to prevent eye diseases. Fix the dog’s head with one hand and drop the eyes with the other, then gently massage the corners of the eyes.

5. Trim toenails

When trimming the nails, follow the three cutting methods and move quickly. Cut the nails into shorter circles, and then use the nail file to round the surface of the nails. If it is difficult to see blood lines on black nails, you can cut it a little bit until you see the tender flesh. If you bleed during the nail trimming process, press your toes firmly with your fingers to control the bleeding, and press the bleeding vessel with a styptic powder for a few seconds to stop the bleeding.

6. Take a bath

Before taking a bath, squeeze the anal glands. Wet the anus with water first, the skin will become soft and the dog will relax. Turn the dog’s tail up with the left hand to make the anus protrude. Place the index finger of your right thumb on the side of the dog’s anus, feel the two hard protrusions, and squeeze them inward and upwards, the weight is appropriate, until the liquid is ejected. Then use your left thumb and index finger to squeeze down again from above. After making sure that there is no liquid, wash the anus with warm water. When starting to take a bath, plug the dog’s ears with cotton to prevent water from entering the ear canal.

Try the water temperature before bathing. The bath water temperature is preferably 35-45 degrees Celsius. Wet the limbs first, then the body, and finally wash the hair. Then choose a suitable shampoo according to the different hair of the dog. The shampoo is diluted in proportion and poured on the dog. The rich foam is rubbed in the order of the limbs, body and head, and then washed with warm water. The dirty dog ​​can wash more 1- 2 times, dry with absorbent towel after washing.

7. drying

Dry it immediately after taking a shower to avoid colds and skin diseases caused by moisture accumulation. VIPs cannot use a water blower, they need to use a hair dryer to pull the hair. Turn on the hair dryer and use a wire brush to dry the hair from the head. Pay attention to the gestures. The surface of the wire brush should be perpendicular to the skin instead of parallel, otherwise it will damage the skin and cause a large area of ​​bleeding. When pulling hair, you should pull it layer by layer, in the order of the head, body and limbs, and cover the other parts that have not been shaved with absorbent towels to keep them relatively moist.


Pay attention to the drying of the hair, otherwise the dog will easily catch a cold.