How to do grooming care for teacup dogs

Teacup dogs are small, but regular grooming is also a must. Do you know how to do grooming treatments for petite and cute teacup dogs?

How to do grooming care for teacup dogs

The most important point is to clean the ear canal of teacup dogs. You can use pet-specific ear mite drops. First, pluck the hair around its ears to keep the air in its ear canal unobstructed. This can prevent bacteria from growing in the ear canal and suffering from otitis.

Another point is to trim the excess hair on its feet. Of course, the most important point is to trim off the hair near its anus, otherwise it will easily contaminate the feces on the hair when it is excreted.

The cleaning of these three parts of the general teacup dog is the most important, and it is also a place that parents can easily overlook. Therefore, in order to have a healthier development of the teacup dog, parents must pay more attention to this aspect.

Ear cleaning

Every time after the parents take a shower, it is best to check whether there is some accumulation of water in the ear canal of the teacup dog, and remember to wipe it clean if there is any.

teeth cleaning

This is also the most important point. You must know that every time a teacup dog eats food, there will be some residual food residue in the mouth, so parents must clean the mouth regularly, otherwise it will easily cause it to suffer from a long time Some oral diseases will naturally cause certain harm to health.

As long as you develop a good life habit, I believe that teacup dogs can also be healthy and healthy, and naturally they will live longer.