how to clean dog ears at home naturally

The structure of the external ear canal of the dog is special. The vertical and horizontal ear canals are in an “L-shaped” structure. The special structure results in poor “ventilation and drainage” capabilities, so regular ear canal cleaning is also essential, especially Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever and other lop-eared long-haired dogs!

how to clean dog ears at home naturally

Remember, you can’t use a cotton swab to clean your dog’s ear canal. Since dogs have an L-shaped ear canal, using a cotton swab may push the earwax deeper into the ear canal. In addition, if the dog moves around during the cleaning process, it is very easy to cause ear canal damage.

How to clean the ear canal correctly?

1. Ear hair plucking: open the ears first, apply ear plucking powder to the outer ear canal in the shallow part, rub gently to remove the excess body hair of the outer ear. Then squeeze the ear-pull powder into the deeper part of the ear, rub it slightly, and remove it with a hemostatic forceps.

2. Clean the ear canal: open the ear, pour the ear cleaning solution into the ear hole, fill the ear canal with enough ear wash water, and gently massage the root of the ear for about 1-2 minutes.

3. Let the dog shake his head, and then wipe off the dirt and liquid medicine around the ear canal with gauze.

Precautions for cleaning the ear canal:

Cleaning the ears is only an auxiliary function. If the ear canal appears red and swollen, the color of earwax is abnormal, the smell is heavy, itching, etc., go to the hospital in time.

2. The cleaning fluid must use the special ear cleaning fluid for pets with Dora Xiaomeng ear cleaning fluid.

Dogs clean their ears about once to two weeks and trim the long hair around the ear canal regularly. Prevent shampoo and water from splashing into the ear canal when taking a bath.

how to clean dog ears at home naturally


1. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt on the ears of the dog’s pinna. It’s actually easy to wash. Fall off the hair next to the ear, grab the auricle with your hand, first wipe it gently with a damp cloth, the dirt will become softer, and it will become cleaner and very convenient.

2. Apply physiological saline or glycerin on the cotton ball and smear it on the surface. Let us remember to be even. If you feel that the cotton swab is not soft enough, use your fingers instead.

3. In order to lower the helper dog’s ears, the owner needs to be careful. There is a lot of cartilage in the dog’s ears, and the skin is thin, soft and easily broken. If the earwax has already solidified, and is quite dry, hard, and difficult to manage, it is recommended to use pet ear drops, first droop a little on the surface, and then gently remove the earwax after it becomes soft.

4. The dirt hidden in the ear canal of the dog accumulates. Almost all the ingredients are water droplets that run into the ears during the bath. The moist water in the air will block the ear canal due to the secretion of dust and grease, which will affect hearing. Pathogens and parasites are also easy to multiply.

5. If there is a dog suffering from otitis media, put a drop of boric acid glycerin and chloramphenicol on a cotton swab, slowly extend to the ear canal in bright light, turn the cotton swab little by little with your finger, and wash repeatedly. Earwax is disinfected. Earwax is also beneficial. It should be noted that earwax is not without advantages. Prevent foreign objects from entering the ear canal, which is a natural protective wall.

6. Puppy, the ear canal group is very soft, please pay more attention. If there is no peculiar smell or inflammation, you don’t want to get earwax. If you accidentally put it too deep into your ears, the tympanic membrane will be broken through and you will be easily injured.

7. If insects enter the pet’s ears, the dog’s ears will become soft and cannot bear the insects crawling around on the head, flapping its wings and flying. Therefore, symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting may appear in the ears. Don’t listen attentively. In severe cases, the tympanic membrane may be damaged and hearing may be reduced.