How should a dog take care of it during pregnancy?

Dog pregnancy, like everyone else, must be carefully taken care of. Many parents deal with a dog pregnancy for the first time, and they are at a loss as to what to do. What should a pregnant dog eat? How can the baby grow up happily?

How should a dog take care of it during pregnancy?

1. Get a pregnancy check on time

Pregnant dogs must always take a pet clinic for pregnancy tests to observe the growth and development of their babies. Dogs who are pregnant for one month can check the physical and mental health of their puppies by B-ultrasound. After one and a half months of pregnancy, they can be Check the size and the total number of puppies. It should be noted that vaccination is not recommended for dogs during pregnancy.

How should a dog take care of it during pregnancy?

2. Prevent excessive exercise

Many parents play with their dogs at home. Although they do not need a large indoor space, they have to exercise too much. Dogs will jump and flutter during the whole process of playing. Such fitness exercises are very bad for pregnant dogs. Yes, we can take the dog out every day to relax, bask in the sun and prevent strong fitness exercises. Proper fitness exercise is beneficial to the production of dogs.

How should a dog take care of it during pregnancy?

3. Eat smaller meals

In the final three weeks of pregnancy, you should give your dog small and frequent meals. Because the puppies occupy many parts of the abdomen, you should not eat too much at one time. When feeding, it is necessary to perform a quantitative analysis regularly. It is not suitable for feeding raw beef, lamb, fish, etc. or uncooked fruits and vegetables, no snacks, and tidy water for domestic use.

How should a dog take care of it during pregnancy?

4. Fill in calcium chemicals

Dogs should pay attention to the problem of calcium supplementation and zinc supplementation during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body is very prone to a lack of high-quality protein, which can cause tics. Therefore, parents usually need to feed pregnant dogs with ingredients that fill with calcium chemicals. Or give your dog special calcium tablets for pregnant women for small pets, such as “non-greasy calcium lactate tablets for small pets”, which can help female dogs fill up high-quality protein and reduce the production of tics.

5. Show the nutritious ingredients of high-protein food

Pregnant dogs generally need a lot of protein and nutrition, and the requirements for protein and nutrition are 50% higher than usual. After all, there are other puppies in the abdomen. The owner can choose a high-protein and nutritious one. Natural dog food can fill the protein and nutrition the dog needs. It is strongly recommended to “gluttonous non-greasy natural dog food”. It contains 3 types of meat, chicken breast + beef and mutton + fish. It contains protein and minerals, rich in nutrients, and good digestion, Consider the nutritional needs of dogs. With some fresh vegetables and fruits, the dog’s nutrition is more comprehensive.

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