how often should you wash your dog

Does the puppy smell? Naturally, he ran around a lot, sweating profusely. Maybe it’s time to take a shower.

Note: If your puppy is less than 7-8 weeks old, you should postpone the first bath. Wait a while. His small body is not yet ready to self-regulate body temperature. However, if you need to clean the puppy quickly, you can wipe it with a warm cloth.

how often should you wash your dog
how often should you wash your dog

If your puppy is older than 8 weeks, how often you bathe him depends on several factors: Is it winter or summer? Does your puppy spend a lot of time outdoors? Is his coat longer than the short-haired breed?

A good rule of thumb is that you should bathe your dog once a month. Of course, if he is tumbling in the mud, he can be bathed more frequently. Or, if your puppy is prone to dry skin, you can wait longer between baths. Just make sure to choose a puppy shampoo that is gentle on his skin!

Please follow the tips below for a successful bath without getting you wet:

1. Start as soon as possible. Let your puppy get up and take a bath early and praise him as much as possible.

2. Choose a location. The sink is perfect for bathing puppies. A hose in the backyard or a kid’s pool is also effective in summer. Give your puppy something, such as a rubber mat, to make it safer. Collect all supplies before bathing and never leave the puppy unattended. For everyone involved, chasing a wet puppy in the house is not a good thing. Use warm water and keep the puppy’s head persistent to minimize its desire to shake.

3. Make it interesting. If your puppy is happy, he is more likely to cooperate in the bath. Throw his favorite toy in the bathtub, or give him a lot of love!

4. Rinse clean. After massaging the specially formulated puppy shampoo onto the puppy’s coat, make sure to rinse the puppy thoroughly. Just like humans, leftover shampoo can make your puppy’s skin dry, flaky and itchy. Don’t get water in his ears or eyes!

5. Avoid vibration. After taking a shower, the puppy likes to spin dry. To avoid accumulation of water on the wall, throw the towel on the puppy and dry it thoroughly. If the weather is cold, keep the puppy indoors until he is completely dry. You can use a hair dryer in a warm or cool environment to speed up this process.

How often should I bathe my dog in summer

How long is it appropriate to take a bath for your dog in summer? Parents should know that dogs often bathe too many times. Chemical components will destroy the protective effect of the dog’s skin, and various skin diseases may occur. , The infection of fleas and ticks cannot be detected early. How to take care of pet hygiene and avoid the hazards of fleas and ticks?


1. According to the pet dog’s activities and living environment, please choose the appropriate bathing frequency and carefully select the appropriate pet-specific hair scouring agent.

2. If the pet has skin diseases, please seek medical attention immediately and choose curative hair scouring essence to prescribe the right medicine.

3. If you have been infected with fleas and ticks, arrange bathing frequency and choose appropriate hair scouring agents and insecticides. Keeping in touch with the veterinarian at any time is the best way to take care of the health of the dog and the whole family.

It is best to bathe your dog in summer 2-3 times a month. Parents can help the dog to wash his feet, wash PP, groom and groom his/her hair after going out. Please remember not to shower your dog with cold water. Give it to your dog. The suitable water temperature for bathing is 35 degrees Celsius, and the water for bathing the dog should not be too hot~

Can I bathe my dog everyday

Dogs can’t bathe often, which is bad for the skin. The period of bathing the dog can also be determined according to the situation. Generally, small dogs can be cleaned once in 1-2 weeks, and large dogs can be cleaned once in 3-4 weeks. Of course, the dogs can be cleaned according to their specific hygiene conditions. The dog determines the time to take a bath.

The correct way to take a bath for dogs:

First of all: Before taking a bath, carefully smooth the dog’s body brush. On the one hand, it can avoid entanglement and comb the waste hair. On the other hand, it can also check whether the dog has skin disease or trauma in the near future. In addition, you can wear a collar for the dog, so that it is convenient to control the dog while taking a bath.

Second: The temperature of the dog’s bathing water can be maintained at 35-38 degrees. You can let the dog adapt to the temperature of the water first, and help the dog to wash the feet, body, and head with water. Be sure not to let the water gradually enter the dog. Eyes or ears. Dogs must use pet-specific shower gel, and the shower gel must be diluted first, and then apply the shower gel from the dog’s back, wash from the back to the buttocks, and finally head, neck, shoulders, waist, chest, feet, buttocks, and tail The anus must be carefully cleaned. The dog’s abdomen skin is soft but easy to get dirty. You can gently rub it repeatedly or use a sponge ball to clean it.

Finally: After cleaning the dog’s whole body, you can dry and blow the dog’s hair. After the dog’s hair is dried, you can help the dog to do some hair conditioning, and help the dog to re-comb the whole body hair. Toilet paper can clean the dog’s eye feces and ears.