How much is the dog trimming fee?

Hair care for dogs is so important that it is indispensable every day from the viewpoint of thermoregulation and skin care of dogs. You can brush your hair every day at home, but when it comes to cutting your hair, the hurdles are quite high. Depending on the breed, you may have to trim the beans, which can cost you a lot of money throughout the year. Therefore, this time, we calculated the total trimming cost for one dog in a lifetime from the market price of the dog trimming fee. At the same time, I would like to explain the trimming technique that can be easily done at home.

How much is the dog trimming fee?

What is included in “dog trimming”?

Depending on the breed, there are some trimmings that must be done and some that you don’t have to. First of all, I will explain the difference and the specific contents included in “trimming”.

Hair cutting is time-consuming and time-consuming for trimming

Basically, dog breeds called long-haired breeds need to be cut regularly. Toy poodles, maltese dogs, pomeranians, etc. are dog breeds that are sensitive to heat, so it is recommended to cut them into beans about once a month so that the skin does not get stuffy.

On the other hand, dog breeds called short-haired breeds do not need to cut the hair of the whole body so much, so it does not take much time and effort to go to the salon. Shiba Inu, French Bulldog, Pug, etc. fall under this category. Even in such breeds, the hair around the soles and buttocks needs to be cut diligently.

How much is the dog trimming fee?

What you can get at the trimming salon

Hair cutting is not the only menu for trimming in the salon. There are many other menus, so be sure to choose the one that suits your dog’s characteristics.

The power of foam makes the skin refreshing

Shampoo is often applied at the same time as cutting the hair, but recently, many salons that use microbubbles or carbonated springs that take into consideration the condition of the skin have appeared. The fine bubbles have the effect of removing excess sebum in the pores, protecting the health of the skin and helping to exterminate parasites.

Careful brushing is important

Brushing the coat is also important. Long-haired dogs can prevent hair entanglement, and double-coated dogs can help regulate body temperature by removing excess undercoat, reducing hair loss and eliminating skin stuffiness.

How much is the dog trimming fee?

Fine things such as nail clippers

It is also important to cut overstretched nails when trimming. Especially for dogs kept indoors, you may get your claws caught on the cloth, so if you are not confident in cutting it yourself, you can ask the trimming salon.

Another important trimming menu is anal gland squeezing. Many dogs produce secretions from the anal glands during excretion, but some dogs do not produce this secretion and accumulate with the poop. Therefore, it is necessary to squeeze the anal glands on a regular basis, which may also be included in the trimming menu.

What is the lifelong cost of trimming a dog?

This is a question of calculating the money you care about, but how much money should you cut? Let’s take a look at each variety. The price is a reference price (market price), so it may vary depending on the location of the salon, equipment used, solvents, etc.

How much is the dog trimming fee?

For long-haired species

Long-haired breeds need to be cut into beans. Typical breeds include toy poodles, chihuahuas, and Yorkshire terriers.

Since tailoring is necessary when considering the safety of dogs that are different from humans, it takes time and effort, so may it be expensive after all? However, if you are a puppy, you can say that the market price can be reduced by about $50 at a time. However, since it is necessary to visit the store about once a month, I think that the average visit to the salon is about 12 times a year. 50 US dollars x 12 times will cost 600 US dollars per year. Considering the average life span of a puppy (about 15 years), the lifetime cost is more than 9000 US dollars.

For short-haired species

For short hair types, there is no need to cut it into small pieces. Most dog breeds have the characteristics of a double coat, Shiba Inu, French Bulldog, Corgi, etc. are typical dog breeds.

There is no need to cut, but it needs to be brushed carefully, and the cost is about 45 dollars. Since you don’t have to go to the salon too much, you have to go to about 6 times a year on average.

According to calculations, 45 US dollars x 6 times per year will cost 270 US dollars. Considering the average life expectancy, it will cost about 4,600 US dollars in a lifetime.