How long does the puppy’s appetite continue during pregnancy?

After a person becomes pregnant, there will be early pregnancy reactions such as poor appetite, nausea, nausea, etc. Although the physiological structure of a puppy is different from that of a human, it is still the same at one point. Puppies will experience early pregnancy reactions when they are around 21-28 days of pregnancy, and they will get better after 30 days. During this period, the small pet owner must adjust the dietary structure, correctly guide the puppy to eat more, and fill in the nutrients, to prevent the puppy from giving birth due to lack of nutrition or causing the baby to develop poorly.

How long does the puppy's appetite continue during pregnancy?

1. Eat less and more meals

Puppies should keep eating one or two bites of dog food and do not want to finish it. Then the pet owner will feed it several times. Even if the puppy only eats a little each time, but the frequency is more, the amount eaten will be more, nourishment Of course the ingredients have also improved. If the puppy is really unwilling to eat, the owner does not have to force the puppy to eat, to prevent the puppy from causing work pressure and anorexia nervosa.

How long does the puppy's appetite continue during pregnancy?

2. Variety of food types

When a dog is pregnant, it is not enough to eat dog food alone, and eating a single dog food every day of course will make the puppies get tired and lose their appetite. Therefore, small pet owners must enrich some puppy recipes, and prepare some different ingredients for the puppy in advance, such as chicken breast, beef and mutton, fish and other various meat foods, as well as broccoli, Carrots, iPhones, bananas, and apples and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Puppies eat different ingredients every day, and of course, they are less likely to have a partial eclipse. An effective combination of meat and vegetables can not only balance nutrition but also avoid constipation during pregnancy.

How long does the puppy's appetite continue during pregnancy?

3. Fill pepsin

If small pet owners give their puppies chicken, duck, and fish meat every day, the puppies will of course also develop a partial eclipse problem. Besides, after eating too little meat that cannot be digested and absorbed, the puppy is also very prone to indigestion, poor digestion, and poor appetite. Therefore, small pet owners can feed their puppies Wang Xiang’s spleen strengthening powder to fill up pepsin and help the puppies to digest and absorb foods. Feeding with yogurt will invigorate the spleen and invigorate the spleen and appetite, which can improve the appetite of the puppy.

How long does the puppy's appetite continue during pregnancy?

4. Appropriate outing for fitness exercises
After the mother dog is pregnant, as the baby continues to grow up, and the body is heavy, the puppy does not want to go out for themed activities. In the long term, not only will the fetus squeeze the bitch’s gastrointestinal tract, but the lack of fitness exercise will also cause gastrointestinal motility to slow down. Under such conditions, the puppies will no longer want to eat. For this matter, the small pet owner should take the puppy out for relaxation, moderate fitness exercise, which consumes the energy and kinetic energy of the bitch, and can also promote gastrointestinal motility. When coming to the restaurant, of course the bitch wants to eat. Up.

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