How does a dog know its owner

The most important function of a dog to know its owner is through smell, hearing and memory, not by sight.

How does a dog know its owner

The dog’s innate strong sense of smell is tens of times higher than that of human beings. Among them, the olfactory cells of dog are 60 times higher than that of human beings, and they can also recognize odors with 100 million times lower concentration. In other words, there are not only more kinds of odors than human beings, but also a wide range of odors perceived by others.

So you often see dogs sniffing around on the road. That is to use their noses to explore the world, explore the world and smell people.

The second thing that allows dogs to distinguish their owners is hearing.

Dog’s ear structure is different from that of human, and it can rotate like a small radar to listen to signals. In addition to identifying the direction, the dog’s hearing is 16 times that of human beings, with super strong sense of hearing, and the farthest range of hearing is about 400 times that of human beings. You will find that when you are far away, the dog can still hear you and distinguish your voice.

Finally, there is the dog’s memory. Although the degree is different, but each dog is equivalent to a child’s intelligence, often hear their own voice, familiar taste will have a certain memory.