How do teacup poodle puppies grow up?

The smallest teacup poodle in the poodle. It is not officially recognized as a breed of dog and is classified as a type of toy poodle in the world. A teacup poodle weighs about 2 kg when it is an adult dog, but how does it grow from a puppy to an adult dog? Here, we will introduce the gestation period of the teacup poodle, the weight change after birth, and how to take care of the teacup poodle after welcoming the puppy.

How do teacup poodle puppies grow up?

Until the birth of a teacup poodle

Very small breeds, such as teacup poodles, often have dystocia due to the larger baby’s head than the mother’s canal. Assuming that you will have a Caesarean section, you need to keep in close contact with the veterinary clinic and research a hospital that can handle it even at night.

Gestation period

Although it is a small teacup poodle, the gestation period is about 63 days, which is the same as other dog breeds. It takes about a week, just like a person’s childbirth.

Number of animals born in one birth

Due to the small size of the teacup poodle, the number of animals that conceive at one time is small, and the number of animals born in one birth is generally 2 to 4. If you have a small number of fonts, you are more likely to grow large and have dystocia.

How do teacup poodle puppies grow up?

Teacup poodle puppy weight change

Although there are individual differences in the growth speed of dogs, it is generally possible to grow healthy by feeding a nutritionally balanced diet and exercising moderately.

Weight change

In the case of teacup poodles, the weight increases upwards until about 6 months after birth, and then gradually continues to grow until about 10 months after birth. Growth speed tends to be similar to other small dogs.

At birth, it weighs only 130-200g and grows to about 750g around the first month of life and up to about 1kg around the second month of life. It weighs about 1.8 kg around 6 months after birth and then weighs about 2 kg by about 10 months after birth.

However, the teacup poodle has a short history and is not registered as an official breed, so it is just a guideline for weight transition.

How do teacup poodle puppies grow up?

How long will it grow?

Teacup poodles are an unofficial breed, so there are no size or weight restrictions. In the United States, a teacup poodle with a grown-up weight of 2.7 kg or less and a body height of about 23 cm or less is used as a teacup poodle. ..

Changes in appearance

Poodles, not just teacup poodles, often have a lighter coat color as they grow. This phenomenon is called “fading”. The coat color changes to black silver, red apricot, brown to cafe au lait, and so on.

When you have a teacup poodle puppy

When you have a teacup poodle puppy, the owner has a lot to do, such as walking, shampooing, and disciplining.

How to give rice

Puppies grow rapidly and require more energy than adult dogs. Give your puppy dog ​​food designed to provide them with the nutrients they need and enough energy. In addition, the teacup poodle has a small stomach as well as a body, so it is a small meal compared to other breeds. If you give snacks or human food, the nutritional balance will be lost, so try not to give it as much as possible. Dietary management is very important during the puppy period, which forms the basis of the body.

How do teacup poodle puppies grow up?

The first walk, shampoo, and discipline

When you have a Teacup Poodle puppy, you may be wondering when to take care of it. Introducing when to start walking, shampooing, and disciplining.

Timing to start a walk

Since your immune system is incomplete during the puppy period, you should vaccinate as directed by your veterinarian and get permission before going for a walk. If you miss the timing to start a walk because you are afraid of infectious diseases, you may not be able to walk well because you are afraid of the outside environment even if you decide to go for a walk after you grow up, or you may get along with other dogs and people. There is a possibility that you will not be able to adapt to society, such as not being able to do so.

Timing to start shampoo

Puppies are prone to stress and illness between the time they arrive at home and the time they get into the environment. Shampoo should be used only after you have become accustomed to the home environment and are in good physical condition. Also, since your physical condition is likely to change after vaccination, refrain from shampooing for about a week.

Timing to start discipline

Discipline should begin as soon as possible. You may think that you still don’t know what to teach a small puppy, but a puppy that grows many times faster than a human can quickly pass the right time for discipline. Although the teacup poodle is small, the cry is loud for one person. To prevent dogs from becoming dogs that tend to cause problem behaviors such as barking in the future, they need to understand the basic personality rules from the time they were puppies.

Have a happy day with a teacup poodle

It’s a cute teacup poodle like a stuffed animal, but it’s important to manage and discipline it like any other dog. The puppy period goes by in a blink of an eye. Take good care of your day and day with your Teacup Poodle puppy.