How big and heavy is an adult Border Collie dog?

In the world of dog sports, Border Collie is a breed of dog that has been active on the front lines for a long time. Originally, it helped people who live in ranches as sheepdogs, but its high athletic ability and intelligence have attracted attention, and now it has a proven track record in the dog sports world such as agility and frisbee. This time, we will introduce the size and weight of such adult Border Collie dogs, as well as a guideline for the amount of food and exercise that you should check.

How big and heavy is an adult Border Collie dog?

Border Collie adult dog size and weight guide

Border Collie is a breed of dog that is classified as a “medium-sized dog”. I have the impression that you need a lot of exercise, but what are the average size and weight?

The average adult dog weighs 16-23 kg

Of course, there are individual differences between males and females, but the average weight of adult Border Collie dogs is about 16 to 23 kg. Some Border Collies weigh nearly 30 kg and have a good physique, but to determine if you are obese, you can touch the area around the Border Collie’s ribs and feel the ribs slightly. ..

Male: About 18-23 kg

Female: about 16 to 20 kg

Adult dogs are about 48-55 cm tall

The average height of an adult dog is about 48-55 cm. Although it has a well-balanced body shape, it can grow to over 80 cm in length, so it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of space when growing it indoors.

Male: About 50-55 cm

Female: about 48-53 cm

Border Collie Adult Dog | About Hair

The general appearance of a border collie is a smooth, wavy coat, with black and white coat colors often seen. However, the combination of coat length and coat color is very varied and unique, which is one of the reasons why Border Collie is supported.

How big and heavy is an adult Border Collie dog?

Hair length

A common is a long-haired border collie with a long coat. However, there are also short-haired, smooth-coated border collies. It is said that the personality is slightly different depending on the length of the coat, but it is not certain.

Coat color

Border collies may have a strong image of black & white coat colors, but in addition to black & white, there are various border collies such as brown & white, blue & white, and tricolor. It may be a symbol of rich individuality that there are changes between the time of the puppy and the time of becoming an adult dog, such as the appearance of a white pattern after becoming an adult dog.

How much does an adult Border Collie eat?

Now let’s talk about the proper amount of food for an adult Border Collie dog. Of course, this is just a guide, so some adjustments may be required depending on the size of the individual.

40-60g of dog food divided into 2 or 3 times a day

The standard amount of Border Collie dog food is about 40-60g divided into 2 to 3 times a day. One way to determine if you have enough dog food is to check your excrement. If the excrement is soft, the amount of dog food is large, and if it is hard, the amount is small.

How big and heavy is an adult Border Collie dog?

Is there a lot of Border Collie momentum?

The Border Collie is one of the most active dog breeds out there. Therefore, it is necessary to secure a large amount of daily walking time. Conversely, if you are not able to satisfactorily exercise an adult Border Collie dog every day, you may need to reassess your breeding environment.

How big and heavy is an adult Border Collie dog?

Take a walk for 2 hours a day as a guide

Border Collie walks should be taken twice in the morning and evening for an hour, for a total of two hours. However, instead of just running, let’s communicate and take a walk while talking. By doing so, it can be said that it is easy to do smoothly because a relationship of trust is established even when disciplining.

In addition, it is recommended to take it to a dog run on holidays and run it as hard as you can to relieve stress.

Enjoy dog sports with Border Collie

If you live with Border Collie or want to live in the future, please try Border Collie and dog sports. Not only will you be able to communicate with your dog, but the owner will also be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Also, please help the Border Collie to lead a healthy life by properly controlling the amount of food and exercise by the owner himself.