Everyone’s comments on dog ramp pawramp

Many people have dogs in their homes, and they often take them out for a stroll, no matter what scene they are in, they have to follow them. But in many cases, dogs may not be able to reach places that people can reach, so many dog owners will choose dog ramp pawramp to help dogs.

So is it useful? Let’s take a look at everyone’s evaluation of the dog ramp pawramp.

Everyone's comments on dog ramp pawramp

LOVE IT! It is very well built, very sturdy, easy to fold, and move from bedroom to living room..my fur babies run up and down with ease, unlike cheaper versions we had in the past where it would wobble or move while they were using it which scared them and they wouldn’t use it again. Non-slip does not move once it’s positioned. Recommended this to family and friends already who have dogs with back issues and are seniors. This will last a long time!

The ramp is well made and very sturdy! I love that you can adjust the height to so many versatile levels/heights and I have never found a ramp previously that was able to do so! You can fit it to any bed, high or low, and any couch, etc. The tracking has ridges and felt so the dog’s paws will not slip when going up or down. For most other ramps there is slippage and this one doesn’t have that problem. I love that you can fold it up and store it if necessary.

Everyone's comments on dog ramp pawramp

For the price, this product is thin and cheaply made. There is no finish, it’s just bare plywood put together with a pneumatic brad nailer. I needed two ramps but just bought the one to check it out first. I will look elsewhere for the second one. Their claim that a 200 lb dog could use this is a stretch. This is absolutely too flimsy for all but very small dogs.

We purchased this ramp because we have a 12-year old dachshund and a 10-week old puppy doxie and we were worried about them constantly jumping on and off the couch, even though it’s low to the ground. The ramp arrived quickly, was well packaged, and was easy to assemble. At first, our senior dog didn’t want to even step on it, but after putting treats on it to entice her up and down and then more treats when she cautiously used it on her own, she’s going up and down it like a champ. The puppy loves it and races up to and down. It’s very sturdy, made of solid cross-laminated timber wood (not particleboard) and the rug is grooved and tough enough to stand up to dog claws. Love that it’s adjustable as well so we can use it in other rooms or for other purposes. Highly recommend this ramp.

I really liked this ramp. It is really, really well made. Pop it out of the box, and boom…it’s ready to go. It is long, so you need plenty of room to be able to place it next to the furniture you want to help your pup upon. In our case, our dog wasn’t crazy about this or any other ramp, regardless of his needs.

Everyone's comments on dog ramp pawramp

So I had to send it back. I can’t say enough good things though about the craftmanship.

I’d love to see a stair version of this item. Something that could also lie flat and be put out of the way when not in use.

Should I get stairs or a ramp for my dog?

Stairs are a good choice for dogs that have the agility and balance to use standard household stairs. Many are portable and can be moved from sofa to bed to car. They also tend to take up less floor space than ramps.

If your dog is having trouble maneuvering the stairs in your house or if you live on one level and he’s unused to climbing any stairs, consider a dog ramp. You’ll want a ramp that has a gentle incline and is high enough to reach furniture or your vehicle.

How do I choose the best stairs for my dog?

Look at the rise or the height of each step. It should be similar to the rise of regular indoor and outdoor steps.

It’s easier for dogs to maneuver deep steps, so look for products that have a step depth of 10-to-12 inches.

Be sure the stairs have an anti-skid surface. Your dog’s paws must be able to grip the surface so that he doesn’t slip off.

Make sure the stairs are high enough for your needs and will support your dog’s weight.

What should I look for in a dog ramp?

As with stairs, make sure the ramp reaches high enough for your dog to get onto furniture or into the car.

If space is an issue, choose a lightweight ramp or one that folds up. This makes storage easier.

The ramp should have an anti-skid surface, so your dog can maneuver on it securely.

Whether you choose stairs or a ramp, you may have to teach your dog to use them. Use positive reinforcement and rewards to train your dog. Your goal is to help him feel confident about this new apparatus. So confident, in fact, that he’ll use it even if you’re not around.