Dogs Eat Turkey Necks or Giblets? All You Need to Know

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Dogs are one of the most popular names when it comes to keeping animals as pets. Animal lovers across the globe love keeping dogs as their pets.

Taking the decision to keep a dog is also indeed an assertive decision. It affects your entire life schedule along with your family ones.

So, if you have decided to keep a dog as your pet, learning a few things about them is necessary to become a better parent of dogs.

Like, what do they eat? How do they sleep? What makes dogs comfortable? How to calm them when they are in anger? How to take care of their health?

These are the few important questions that every dog owner should know the answer to so they can do better parenting and escape from complex situations when dogs are uncontrollable.

We are covering all dog-related stuff in our portal. If you need answers to all these queries, then stay tuned.

In this blog post, We will talk about turkey necks and Giblets, which is one of the most popular foods for dogs.

About turkey bird

The turkey bird is native to North America and is a Meleagris genus bird. There are mainly two turkey bird species: one is an ocellated turkey of Mexico and the second is the wild turkey of the eastern and central North.

Sometimes people get confused between turkey and chicken. They both are significantly different from each other. Price-wise, also, turkey is more expensive than chicken.

Generally, posh restaurants serve turkey, and normal people prefer chicken over turkey as their food.

Way To Feed Turkey Giblets To Your Dog

When you explore your turkey, you will get an attractive bag that your dog will love to eat.

Some people use giblets in their meals or make soups, gravy, stuffing, etc. Using giblets to feed your pet would be a great idea if you don’t use them.

The small bag you get from the turkey will contain multiple organs like the heart, liver, neck, gizzard, etc.

They are nutritious and safe to eat. One can feed them to their dog along with the neck of a turkey bird.

You can prepare a dish or cook them well by following thanksgiving turkey necks for dog recipes. It would be a delicious meal for your pet.

Giblet’s meat is raw and so nutritious that sometimes it becomes hard for your dog to digest it, which might cause diarrhea, especially when your pet is not habitual of eating raw food.

If your dog is under 20 pounds, then giblets of one turkey would be enough for one meal.

Throwing Giblets is such a Waste

Normally people throw giblets out of their homes instead of feeding them to dogs. 

Most people do this because they are unaware that giblets can be wonderful food for their pets or simply they don’t own any animal as a pet.

Giblets are rich in vitamins but taste bitter. If someone cooks them well, then bitterness can be reduced. Some humans also eat them. However, it is an essential part of a dog’s raw diet.

Suppose you are someone who doesn’t buy a turkey for their home. You can also ask your family and relatives for giblets if you think that they consume turkey meat.

Generally, shopkeepers also sell giblets at a very low price. If you want, you can also buy from them. If you know them well, they will probably provide you giblets free of cost.

Feed the Thanksgiving turkey neck safely to your pet

The turkey’s neck contains lightweight bones; most dogs can easily crunch them into tiny pieces with one bite. Also, it is a rich source of calcium and necessary vitamins, which is excellent for dog’s health of dogs who are active and senior dogs suffering from arthritis.

Dog’s stomachs have acidic properties, which can digest raw bones easily. 

It also has one additional benefit: eating raw bones helps clean a dog’s teeth naturally.

Moreover, suppose your dog is not habitual of eating raw bones. In that case, you need to supervise your pet carefully so that they do not choke while eating because turkey necks are, after all, neck-shaped, which can get stuck in your dog’s windpipe if the dog eats it quickly or swallows it directly without chewing.

Some people prefer freezing turkey neck the whole night before giving it for breakfast. 

Well-frozen neck would be hard to swallow and ideal as a Thanksgiving turkey neck breakfast.

Cooking bones would be dangerous for your dog.

Cooking like boiling, steaming, frying, baking, dehydrating, freezing, or smoking bones may be dangerous for your dog’s health

Either cook them at home or purchase them from a supply store for your pet. It is advisable to avoid feeding cooked bones to your pet.

Because cooking changes their structure and makes them hard to eat for animals, the same goes for your turkey neck, feed it raw to your pet and do not cook. 

You can let your dog eat white meat (It would be a fine dinner for your pet).


Turkey bird is a Meleagris genus bird and a popular food item for non-veg lovers.

Pet owners feed turkey giblets to their pets which are rich in calcium and vitamins and economically cheaper.

While feeding raw bones to dogs, some things must be taken care of. 

In this article, we discuss some important points involving the right way to feed raw bones.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries or need clarification of any doubt related to this subject, feel free to comment below. 

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