Does the dog love to drink water? Please pay attention to these situations!

A few days ago, a friend left a message and asked the editor: My old dog’s appetite has decreased in the past few months, but the amount of water he drinks has increased a lot, a lot, and a lot more than before. What is going on?

Does the dog love to drink water? Please pay attention to these situations!

Is this only the case with elderly dogs? What are the possibilities of drinking such a large amount of water? Today’s article let us learn together

Why do dogs love to drink water?


In fact, it is not only old dogs but also young and middle-aged dogs.

So what is it possible? Occasionally, this is likely to be dehydration, so don’t worry. If you drink a lot of water for a long time, it is likely to be symptoms of kidney failure, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and other diseases.

Compared with young dogs, older dogs are more likely to have the following three diseases

Kidney failure

I don’t need to emphasize how important the kidney is, right?

Dogs with kidney problems have difficulty concentrating less urine, so they will urinate more and more frequently; at the same time, the kidneys also need to take in more water to clean up harmful substances, so it will drink more water


There was an article about diabetes before, here is a brief introduction

Insulin is responsible for cleaning up the sugar in the dog’s blood. When there is a problem with the dog’s insulin, the sugar in the dog’s blood will accumulate, and then this glucose will enter the urine in large quantities and absorb the water in the urine. So dogs with diabetes will also have symptoms of increased thirst and urination

Cushing’s disease

This disease is very complicated. Simply put, the hormone balance in the body has been broken.

Although they also have the habit of drinking water and urinating more, dogs with Cushing’s disease also have the characteristics of eating, enlarged abdomen, weak limbs, and susceptibility to skin diseases, so don’t worry too much.


This is actually the most common

The method to test whether a dog is dehydrated is very simple. It is to lift the skin on its neck with your hands. Be careful not to let you lift the dog. Looking at the rebound speed of these skins, the slower the speed, the more water is lacking.

Of course, you shouldn’t just carry it like this. This test method is only suitable for dogs after strenuous exercise and outdoor walks. As the dog ages, the rebound speed of the neck skin will be significantly reduced, this should be distinguished

In fact, don’t worry, because for those dogs suffering from the above diseases, in addition to drinking water and increasing the frequency of urination, there will be other corresponding diseases.

So if it is only an occasional increase in drinking water and increased urination frequency, then you should pay more attention to whether it has had strenuous exercise, etc., instead of worrying about it.

So it is very important to develop the habit of annual physical examination, whether it is a person or a dog

One sentence summary:

If it really drinks water and urinates more recently

Remember to bring a certain amount of urine to check

This will get the result faster

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