Does the dog feel the fan breeze cool?

Hot summer is a harsh season not only for humans but also for dogs. Even though it has been transformed into summer hair, the dense coat does not allow heat to escape, and if care is not taken, there is a risk of heat stroke.

Therefore, we have to think about measures against heat. Fans are a convenient way to create wind, but do they feel cool to dogs as well? I thought about how to use the electric fan correctly and how to prevent heat stroke, which is important in the hot summer.

Does the dog feel the fan breeze cool?

Let’s think about the physical condition of the dog [How to use the correct fan]

Fans are cool and convenient for humans to use, aren’t they? But does the dog feel the same?

Let’s start with the difference in body structure between humans and dogs. From there, I would like to derive the correct usage of the electric fan.

Don’t you really appreciate the fan for your dog?

Humans feel cool when using an electric fan because when they sweat, the wind hits them and the sweat evaporates. The heat of vaporization is the same principle as the temperature of the surroundings drops because the water evaporates and takes heat away when water is often sprinkled on the front door.

Dogs, on the other hand, basically don’t sweat. From this, the dog may not feel so cool, even if it is exposed to the wind, it only feels lukewarm. Also, the extra dryness caused by the wind is not good for the dog’s physical condition. If the skin is not sufficiently moisturized, it will dry out and cause skin problems, and if the nose is constantly dry, it will affect the sense of smell.

Does the dog feel the fan breeze cool?

How should I use an electric fan?

For dogs, it is not good to blow the wind directly, so it is better to use a fan as a supplement.

The use of a cooler is essential to radically reduce the temperature of the room. However, dogs can get cold because cold air tends to collect under the room. To prevent this, it is recommended to use an electric fan to circulate the air.

Instead of pointing in the direction of your dog, you need to devise something such as pointing in the direction of the wall. By doing so, the room temperature can be brought close to a certain temperature without accumulating cold air on the floor.

Precautions when using an electric fan or cooler 

While it’s good to use a cooler to combat the heat of your dog, don’t overcool it. Even if you are a dog with hair, if you get too cold, you may catch a cold and you may get sick.

A moderate room temperature is desirable, and the air circulation by the fan alone will be quite different. You may also want to use a circulator if you just want to circulate the air. This is more economical because the electricity bill is cheaper.

Does the dog feel the fan breeze cool?

Let’s survive the intense heat with a comfortable way of spending summer!

In addition to using coolers and electric fans, you can also devise ways to survive the hot summer. We will introduce such heat measures and goods. Please refer to it.

Comfortable to go out and take a walk on a summer day!

Going out in the summer is not a very good environment for dogs because of not only the temperature but also the reflection of asphalt. Therefore, I would like to devise ways to reduce the burden as much as possible.

First, avoid walking during the day and try to go during the cool hours of the morning and evening. Also, if you have dog shoes, you can avoid the heat of the road surface, and summer clothes that you can feel cool by getting them wet with water to generate heat of vaporization are also very popular.

Let’s spend comfortably in the room

As a measure against the heat indoors, you can put an aluminum board or marble board in the cage. In particular, aluminum material has good heat conduction, so it effectively dissipates heat from the place where the stomach hits.

Also, if you don’t drink much water, try adding a small amount of ice to the water. As for food, it is effective to mix easy-to-eat wet food.

Precautions are important for heat stroke measures

Dogs can’t speak, so they can’t complain of hot and cold. Let’s make sure that the owner, who regularly manages the health of his dog, looks at his dog and thinks about measures against the heat. Precautionary measures are very important for heat stroke countermeasures.