Correct 6 common bad behaviors of puppies

It’s terrible to have no culture. This sentence can also be used by dogs. When a dog grows up, it will be kind and likable. It depends on whether the dog receives good education and training in the puppies period. The best training period for dogs is 3 to When I was 6 months old, today I will tell you how to correct the common bad behaviors of puppies

Correct 6 common bad behaviors of puppies

The puppies are attracted by foreign objects and drag you away in front of the lead rope

Make eye contact with the puppy.

Use food to lure the puppies to follow you.

Stop, turn around and walk back.

Drag the puppy back to your heels, reward it and move on. If the puppies run in front of you again, you will walk back. If it no longer runs in front of you, but back to your heels, reward it from time to time.

The puppies will jump up when you sit down to eat after returning home, or when someone visits

It’s best not to let it jump again.

Press it down gently, and when it stops jumping, let it go.

When he landed on all fours, he spared it and rewarded it by giving it attention or food.

The puppies are attracted to the surroundings and will not come back to you again

When you are at home, train it to obey your call.

In different places in the house, call it with a whistle, and reward it when it comes to you.

It is often rewarded with food to strengthen its positive response to the call.

When there is no attraction or food reward, train the puppies to respond to the call—and then train it in the presence of more attraction.

Never get angry with the puppy when it finally returns. Because it will guess that you will be angry the next time you are called back, so it may not want to come back next time.

When you get home, the puppies always rush in front of you

Push it aside and call it “attention”. If it still grabs the way, close the door and prevent it from entering. Until it obediently lets you in first. When entering any door or garden door in your house, you must train it in this way.

The puppy sits in your seat and takes your place

Dogs are not allowed to climb on the furniture without your permission. Teach it to understand and immediately follow the “go away” command. If it doesn’t listen to orders, kick it out of your territory and try again soon.

To attract your attention and get your attention, dogs often rub you with their legs

Only pay attention to it when you want to. If it keeps pestering you and wants you to caress it, just ignore it; if it crawls on your knees, push it down.