Can I cut the toy poodle’s hair at home?

Toy Poodle is a breed of dog that requires hair cutting and trimming about once every 1 to 2 months. Maybe some owners want to cut their toy poodle dog at home when they can’t find their favorite trimming salon or when they can’t go to the salon.

Can I cut the toy poodle's hair at home?

It is difficult to cut the whole body of the toy poodle from the beginning, but how about starting with a simple partial cut that even beginners can do as part of the care? This time, we will introduce the methods and necessary tools for cleaning and cutting toy poodles at home.

Why toy poodles need to be cut | Hair characteristics

Toy poodles are characterized by a curly, curly coat that is as thin and soft as wool. There is very little hair loss, and there is almost no such thing as “a lot of dog hair has fallen on the floor and cleaning is difficult!”

The reason for this is that the toy poodle has a single coat with less hair loss, but if you leave it alone, the hair will grow more and more, so you will need to cut it regularly.

And the curled coat, which is also the charm point of the toy poodle, is easy to get entangled and easily become pills, so brushing is essential. In addition to taking you to the trimming salon, you need to gently brush every day with a fine-grained slicker brush for home care.

Can I cut the toy poodle's hair at home?

Tools needed for cutting toy poodles and daily care

Slicker brush

It is a brush necessary for daily brushing. There are S, M, and L sizes to fit the dog’s body, and a fine-grained brush is recommended for toy poodles with fine hair. Please choose according to the size of your dog.


By putting a comb on the coat, you can easily find the tangled hair at the root. Also, by using a comb when inserting the scissors, it is safe because the scissors do not hit the skin directly.


There are various types of scissors. If you use it at home, it is recommended to use a smaller one because it is easy to use around your face, buttocks, and toes. It is convenient to prepare a plow scissors for detailed processing.

Hair clippers

We recommend using electric clippers for dogs that are light and quiet. The sound of hair clippers can also be very stressful for dogs.

Challenge toy poodle and self-cut! 4 places you want to care for

Around the eyes

If the hair near the eyes grows, it can get into the eyes and cause irritation. Gently comb out the hair and cut the long part. At that time, it is recommended to use a plow scissors so as not to cut too much.

Around the buttocks

If the hair near the buttocks grows, dirt will easily adhere to it during excretion. It’s a delicate part, so let’s cut it little by little with small scissors.

The tip of the limb

If the hair on the tips of the limbs grows, it may be difficult to walk and you may get injured. After combing the hair firmly, put scissors on the comb and cut the stretched part.

The soles of the limbs

If the hair on the soles of the limbs grows, the paws will not touch the ground firmly and will become slippery. Flooring in a house is even more slippery and requires diligent care. Use a comb to scrape the hair between your limbs and cut it so that you can see the paws firmly. Hair clippers are recommended for cutting the soles of the limbs.

It is important to take care of the toy poodle and not burden your dog

Some of them are completely fine with scissors and hair clippers, but others are anxious and stressed. Owners who are not accustomed to cutting will take time. It is important to finish the trimming in a short time so as not to burden your dog as much as possible. If you don’t like it, don’t force yourself.

If things go wrong, ask Trimmer to cut the whole body so that the owner cuts only the part that needs care. When cutting at home, let’s proceed gently and slowly while watching the state of your dog.