Basic information when feeding your dog broccoli

Is broccoli, a nutritious and delicious green-yellow vegetable, good for dogs? It is important to note that some vegetables that we usually eat because they are nutritious may be harmful to the health of dogs. This time, we will introduce the proper cooking method and precautions when giving broccoli to your dog.

Basic information when feeding your dog broccoli

Is it okay for dogs to eat broccoli?

If you are a healthy dog, you can eat broccoli. It can be eaten raw or boiled and cooked.

However, broccoli is not an absolutely necessary ingredient for dogs, so you don’t need to give it a lot. Give a small amount as a topping or snack for the staple food. Highly palatable treats that dogs like to eat can cause unbalanced diets and obesity, so it’s wise to make good use of the vegetable broccoli.

Is broccoli sprout OK?

Broccoli sprout, which is sprouted broccoli seeds, has been attracting attention as a superfood in recent years. If it is a sprout of broccoli, you can give it to your dog, but please refrain from giving it because the concentration of “sulforaphane” contained in it is different from that of broccoli.

Sulforaphane is an antioxidant and detoxifying ingredient. It is also found in broccoli, but because it is higher in broccoli sprout, it can be too irritating to the stomach when eaten by dogs. Therefore, it is safe to give it in a small amount or not at all.

Basic information when feeding your dog broccoli

What you need to know before feeding your dog | What are the nutrients in broccoli?

Broccoli contains a variety of nutrients and also brings some benefits to dogs.

Broccoli is rich in various vitamins

Broccoli contains abundant vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K, as well as sulfalaphon, which has antioxidant and detoxifying effects. Vitamin C and Vitamin E also have antioxidant properties, and in the case of humans, they suppress active oxygen and support the prevention of aging.

Broccoli has the highest vitamin C content among vegetables, and contains 120 mg in 100 g. This content is more than twice that of lemon, which is said to be rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C not only has an antioxidant effect, but also has a function of boosting immunity, which helps to keep muscles, blood vessels, and skin strong.

Basic information when feeding your dog broccoli

Rich in “dietary fiber” to support bowel movements

Broccoli is rich in dietary fiber, which helps improve bowel movements. However, in the case of dogs, excessive intake of dietary fiber can cause diarrhea and loose stools, so be careful not to give too much.

Rich in “potassium” that helps metabolism and nerve function

“Potassium” is a nutrient necessary for the body’s metabolism and nerve activity. It is a reliable nutrient that promotes metabolism and is effective against excessive salt intake. On the contrary, if it is insufficient, it may cause arrhythmia, and it can be said to be one of the essential nutrients for living.

Basic information when feeding your dog broccoli

Before feeding your dog | What are the recipes and precautions for broccoli?

How is broccoli appropriate to give to your dog? Remember the recipe and precautions.

When giving raw

Vitamin B and vitamin C, which are water-soluble vitamins, dissolve in water when boiled, so if you give them raw, you can get a lot of vitamins. However, raw broccoli is difficult to digest, so cut it into small pieces before giving it.

The stems are very hard, so to give them raw, it is better to use only the flower buds and boil the stems.

When boiled and given

If you’re worried about indigestion, boil it before giving it. You don’t need to add salt when boiling. The part of the stem covered with hard skin becomes soft when boiled after peeling.

Boil for 2 to 3 minutes is enough. If you boil it for a long time, the vitamins will dissolve more and more in the water. After boiling, remove the heat and let it cool, then cut it into a size that your dog can easily eat.

If you have a disease, do not feed

When dogs eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, they may suppress the production of thyroid hormones and reduce thyroid function, so if you have thyroid disease, you should refrain from eating them.

In addition, broccoli contains a large amount of oxalic acid, and it is said that excessive intake of oxalic acid tends to cause urethral stones. Urethral stones often recur, so if you have had urethral stones in the past, it is safer not to give them broccoli.

When feeding your dog broccoli, keep an appropriate amount in mind

Broccoli can be beneficial for dogs to eat, but overeating can be detrimental to your health, so try to keep it in small amounts. You can eat it raw, but considering digestion, it is safer to boil it before giving it. Please make good use of it as a topping or snack for your regular meals to maintain your dog’s health.