5 breeds of dogs are called nanny dogs

Many people say that having a baby at home is not suitable for keeping pets, because, in addition to the bacteria on the dog’s body, many dog ​​breeds are aggressive and worry that they will harm the baby inadvertently. In fact, it is really true. Is this the case? In this case, only the benevolent sees the benevolence, and the wise see wisdom. I cannot say absolute, but I cannot say no. Such answers are too one-sided, but I still want to introduce you to 5 kinds of dogs, they are better than a nanny, And also a nanny.

5 breeds of dogs are called nanny dogs

1. Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is known as a natural warm man. The golden retriever is confident, smart, friendly, loyal, and reliable. The only drawback is that it is too playful, and almost everything is forgotten when playing. This kind of dog is very patient, likes to accompany children, and likes to let himself play tricks on himself, which is very suitable for small babies.

2. Newfoundland dog

The Newfoundland dog is known as the “Little European Tibetan Mastiff”. The appearance of this dog is very similar to the Tibetan Mastiff in my country, but their temperament is the opposite. In Europe, the Newfoundland dog is nicknamed “Natural Little Nanny”. This dog is a big toy with life for children. Let the babies bully it, they all accept it silently. , And even some pleasure. Newfoundland dogs are docile, kind, and patient. Young people, old people, and children will quickly fall in love with this large dog.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the most famous working dogs in the world. They are loyal, reliable, stable, and caring. Some Labradors have devoted their entire lives to public welfare undertakings, such as those used by guide dogs. His dog breed is Labrador. Labrador Retriever is also a very playful dog, like chasing each other with children, and caring character, so that they are children’s playmates.

4. Bull Terrier

Many people say that the Bull Terrier is the best dog breed among dogs. In fact, this is not the case. The Bull Terrier was originally a working dog around people, mainly used for herding, nursing, and other work. Slowly following the needs of humans, they became the companion dogs of today. This kind of dog is very friendly and welcoming to both adults and children. Bull Terriers are easy to get excited and have a lively personality, which requires a lot of playtimes, so they are very suitable for growing up with babies.

5. Bulldog

Speaking of bulldogs, many people would say that this kind of dog is dangerous and easy to attack people. Is that really the case? I think this statement is a bit too one-sided, I can only say that you don’t understand them enough. Although bulldogs are strong and good at biting, they do not attack the baby. Instead, they like to play with the baby, and they like to be bullied by the baby. Although bulldogs have a stubborn temper, they are very docile and friendly to babies. Not only can they play with their children, but they can also protect their safety.

Therefore, if you are still at a loss, whether you should find a playmate for your baby, you might as well raise these 5 breeds of dogs. They are more sitters than nannies and crazier than children.